Top 10 TF2 plays – May 2014


July 6th Movies
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Lucky Luke — This is the 38th edition of our Top 10 TF2 plays, for May 2014! Don’t forget to send your submissions for the next edition here! Thanks to eXtine for the commentary, Airon for the sound mixing and all our Patrons for sponsoring us this month.


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Thanks Volvo


June 24th News

Arie — Thanks!

Reverted the recent stickybomb damage ramp up change. We will continue to evaluate the use of stickybomb air detonations and potential changes to that mechanic.

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TF2 by the Numbers – A Scottish Tragedy


June 21st News

“By the pricking of my thumb,

Something wicked this way comes” – William Shakespeare, MacBeth

Gentleman Jon — In what will be the last article of this kind because TF2 is now dead I’m taking a quick look at the immediate impact of the new sticky damage ramp up effect on the EU TF2 rules set. It’s only been a few days but there are some trends appearing on the pickup site logs. The data runs from the 18th to today (20th) from the tf2pickup site logs. This makes a good representation of the great unwashed proletariat TF2 competitive scene that applies to the most players, as opposed to the Olympian heights of the Premiership mix.

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Top 5 TF2 bloopers – April 2014


June 19th Movies
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Lucky Luke — This is the 10th edition of the Top 5 TF2 bloopers of the month, with  Duder on the mic! Make sure you submit your bloopers for this series via our clip submission form! Big thanks to all our Patrons for sponsoring us this month.

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The prospect of Highlander Season 7


June 11th News

SuddenlyStarMia — In what was originally meant to be an article promoting the Highlander Season 6 Awards Show on Sunday, it became evident, unfortunately, when I broke 3000 words that it was unsuitable as a general news post and was destined to be its own singular entity. Fortunately however, it has allowed me more time to write an article which managed to outdo the infamously long post-i49 article I wrote. Before Highlander-lovers inadvertently engage in an abundant serving copious enough to appease their appetites until the HL Nations Cup, for reference purposes, I wrote a marginally controversial article three months ago (which I would shamelessly implore you to read alongside an article that I was prohibited to publish on ETF2L regarding the start of the season, merely for the purposes of recap), regarding affairs in certain Premiership teams. In it was a graph visualising predictions for Season 6. I caught up with each of the team leaders about how their teams are faring post-season and their plans (if any) for Season 7.

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More Epsilon shake ups


June 9th Gossip

Arie — Former EU superteam Epsilon eSports continues to change its lineup. ‘Kicked’ today, Raymon. Joined today WARHURYEAH.

So did WARHURYEAH jump ship for a chance to win an ETFL2L season? Once i52 comes around he’s going to be replaced with numlocked anyway, no? Your thoughts below…

Friend of the site, Mr. X hacked steam chat to get us the logs of Raymon getting his pink slip:

21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: hey raymon
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i’m so sorry man
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: talking with mike atm
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we just plan that for giving us more chance for winning i52 that all
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: for the rest 1 season we don’t care
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: so you can keep playing with us ofc
21:24 – Epsilon KnOxXx: if you wanna finish the season np
21:31 – Raymon: nah, i think it’s the end of the line for me
21:32 – Raymon: it might be more optimal for you guys anyway, more practice for mike back on soldier, you med, etc
21:32 – Raymon: can just get pockets until seb is back
21:32 – Raymon: could you remove me from etf2l?
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i don’t wanna remove you on etf2L
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: like you still in the team man
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: isn’t a kick
21:34 – Raymon: okay i guess
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna play the end of the season with u if you want
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: it’s just all about i52
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: since seb is back
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna bring all of our old lineup in
21:35 – Raymon: yeah i know, i saw this coming
21:35 – Raymon: but i’d rather not play
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: as you want
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: sorry :/
21:37 – Raymon: it’s cool

With the amount of team members they’ve acquired so far, you’d expect them to play highlander at i52.

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TF2 by the Numbers – ETF2L Highlander Season 6 Review


June 8th News

Gentleman Jon —Just when the world needed a hero, newly crowned benevolent dictator Hildreth stepped forward to save us from a Highlander world dominated by tyrannical overlord in waiting (and compiler of maimed log files) Bulow. Before we begin this season’s statistical Highlander review let’s pause for a moment to reflect and collectively thank Hildreth for holding back the tide.

In this review I promise to do a better job of examining the Heavy class contribution, revealing which of the myriad new spies came closest to knocking Inso off his perch, and once again shit-talk all Pyros in comparison to Steve by default (apologies to other Pyros in advance).

After the Highlander auto-log detection debacle I can assure concerned readers each log included has been hand-picked with the utmost care. I’ve messed about with the rating player ordering I use as well, but this isn’t really the place to explain it.

So let’s dive into the infinite depths of the statistical vortex and discover why all your votes were wrong.

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