TF2 by the Numbers – i52


September 14th Feature

Is there no respect for the dead? Can’t we just leave the corpse to it’s eternal rest? Why am I subjecting Vanilla TF2 to the equivalent of exhumation and being ridden around the graveyard in a macabre game of horsey horsey with this record breakingly long graph fest on the joys of i52? Just remember, if the cops come by, this is the way we found it and we’re just trying to bury it again as any civic minded citizen would do.

One year ago I started these articles reviewing the stats at i49. At that tournament an innocent and bright eyed young Demoman named War (at that time rated as one of the best Demos in Yorkshire) playing in an unfancied local team made his name and has since become an integral fixture at the top of the TF2 scene, with i52 marking his final coming of age representing Europe’s finest. And then he (and the rest of his team) fucked it up.

Hopefully I’ll rise to the challenge of summarising this awe inspiring event a little more successfully than the grand finalists, although the spectre of players deliberately selling out their team to inflate their stats purely to look good in this article has raised its barely believable head, so much of this article also contains experimental and never before seen analysis methods. Can I find a way to stop the stats being dominated by log trolls? We’ll see.

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Top 10 TF2 plays – July 2014


September 13th Movies
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Lucky Luke — This is the 40th edition of our Top 10 TF2 plays, for July 2014! Don’t forget to send your submissions for the next edition here! Thanks to eXtine for the commentary, Airon for the sound mixing and all our Patrons for sponsoring us this month.

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Admirable x Arie


September 6th Interviews

Admirable — Yeah nice work closing the site,  Arie. Fucking idiot!

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So long…


August 26th Announcement

Arie — and thanks for all the fish.




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i52 HighLANder Cup – Sponsored by Team Awesome!


August 22nd i52

Russian Guyovich — Looming in the shadow of the intercontinental 6v6 cup this year, i52 is playing host to another tournament dedicated to the 9v9 enthusiasts this side of the globe sponsored by the Team Awesome community and run by its very own Rob as a parting gift to all as he attends his final LAN before becoming pussywhipped getting married. While it is not the first 9v9 tournament featured at the i-series, it may well and truly be the debut of a LAN tournment in which the majority of participants are attending to primarily play highlander (after a casual, cannon fodder-like approach to the 6v6 group stages have come to an end).

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i49 Fragumentary released!


August 18th i49

Arie — Finally.

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CyberLeague.EU Invitational #1 sponsored by Tt eSPORTS


August 16th Announcement
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CommanderX - This Sunday CyberLeague and Tt eSPORTS are bring you a 1 day invitational cup featuring 7 of the best from Europe (minus an unavailable Epsilon) and Immunity from their boot camp in England getting ready for i52. The bulk of the details, as well as the brackets, are over at TeamFortressTV which is also where the stream will be. Hosted by myself and Ally with DavidTheWin on the camera. This is a great chance to see many of the teams that will be in action and see how they fair just one week before the biggest weekend in TF2′s calendar. The stream will be kicking off at 13:30cest and the first game will start at 14:00cest. Look for the launch of and news about the release of the i49 Fragumentary as well. Hope to see you there guys, it should be a redonkulous day of TF2.

Massive thanks to for providing four servers that will be used by the teams to play their desired matches in this tournament.

Watch live video from TeamFortressTV on

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