Rant weekend: This week, we’ve been blessed by 2 analyses on our game mechanics.  Shintaz is first up, take it away!

Heyoo. Yes, it’s that time again – the time for  Shintaz to splurge his creative juices (mixed with truth) all over your faces. What is it this time I hear you cry? Am I going to whine about yet another custom map, or will it be a straight up cuss down of all the people I don’t think deserve to be in premiership? Well, sadly, neither of these are what this rant is about. No – this rant is about deathmatch. Let me just clarify that when I say deathmatch, I DO NOT mean those shitty ten man, class limited, lol let’s stand at choke and fully charge bodyshot everyone servers – no, I’m talking about general aim and movement in a 6v6 situation. Think you’re too shit for prem? Read on.

If you hadn’t already guessed, it was this beautiful thread that drove me into venturing deep into my creative writing skills (more specifically, my post). After creating a shortlist of how different ACTUAL DM games are to TF2 DM and seeing the likes of GibbZ agreeing with me (wtf right?), I knew that I was on to something. If you honestly can’t be bothered to read my lists, here’s a tl;dr version:

TABLE OF DEATHMATCH Quake Team Fortress 2
Gun variety*
Improvisation (dependant on situation)
Map control
Map knowledge
Movement √w
Respawn control
Weapon specialising**

*In terms of the fact that in Team Fortress 2, you have three available weapons at a single time, where in Quake, you have a helluva lot more.

**Using certain weapons for certain situations. The only reason anybody would use melee in either Quake or TF2 would be to humiliate the other player (or, with the equalizer, to run) – this pretty much leaves only two weapons on TF2 that are helpful in different situations.

So what does this all mean? I’m not here to tell you that Quake is a better deathmatch game than TF2, because we already know that. TF2 deathmatch is a head on collision with the player that hits more shots wins – Quake is a complex deathmatch game which has an amazing mix of intelligence and precision. What I’d like to touch on in this (really fucking long) rant is that age old question: Can you participate in high-level TF2 without actually being good at deathmatch – and why are there so many good deathmatchers that DON’T play high level TF2?

Example 1: O.k. I hate to name drop here, but I’m going to have to do it just to prove my point. I really am. It happened a long time ago, but here I go: I apologise in advance to my bestest buddy  SKiNNie, but I’d like to draw everybody’s attention to this. Oh yeah, I’m bringing it back. How can such an amazing scout get thrashed by some div5 shitter? Well, that partially answers the first question – good at TF2, not so good at deathmatch. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate skinnie, nor do I think he’s got shit DM skill (considering that specific match was over two years ago), but when this match ended with forcenet winning… it all went down (keeping in mind that skinnie was at the top of 6v6 when this happened). To quote some kid called vocaL: “weird gameplay by forcenet especially on badlands….” Alright, I’m done namedropping skinnie here, but in this situation, here’s what we see: Good scout is defeated by (theoretically) bad scout in a 1on1, bad scout gets hackusations and even daf steps in to say a few words. So: Do you have to be good at DM to be playing at a high level? Let’s continue our journey.

Example(s) 2: In this section we welcome both Moogle and Mike to the stage. With over 500 days clocked on MGE mod each (it’s an exaggeration, get over it), these two are the bees knees at DM. I don’t want to stroke their egos as much as I stroke your mams tats, but these two have spent A LOT OF time deathmatching.

Kinda funny that neither of them have spent a full season in a div2+ team.

Not even half a season.

But these two are REALLY GOOD AT DEATHMATCH?! Now, the reason these two aren’t going for gold – and by all means, correct me if I’m wrong – is because they are absolutely terrible in a team situation. Seriously. I cannot speak for Moogle personally, but I distinctly remember playing against Mike when he was trialling for some team, I think Taimou’s old wannabe Korean one. For a guy that spends a lot of time dedicated to improving his aim and movement, he sure didn’t stand out from the crowd – even SWIFTY outfragged him… SERIOUSLY?!

Starting to see that it is nothing like quake, aren’t we? DM does not equal skill in this game which is exactly what I’ve been noticing recently. Not only do I think my DM skill in particular needs a fine fine polish, I also see people with lower than div3 experience managing to deck some div1/prem players on a regular basis – whether it be in pickups, DM servers or public servers. The game is called TEAM fortress 2 for a reason – if you cannot work in a team and improvise around your team, then you’ll end up no where.

However, there is a degree of DM skill you’d need (fairly obviously) in this game. You can’t get into premiership with 100% knowledge of what to do and when to do it when you’re running in a straight line as you come up against the likes of prem players. The game has a delicate mix of DM and teamplay – here are a few equations for all you maths freaks:

  • 100% excellent DM + no teamplay or smarts = back to the drawing board.
  • 0% terrible DM + 100% awesome teamplay = not gonna touch prem any time soon.
  • Can hold your own in a 1on1 + fairly decent teamplay = you should be well on your way.
  • 0% terrible DM + no teamplay or smarts + ability to go utility classes = Patrick “Shintaz” Panebianco
  • 100% excellent DM + awesome teamplay = Banned.

So there we have it my friends. You could count this article as a kind of “get out of jail free card” when all the prem scouts lose to some nobody in the upcoming scout 1on1 cup, but that is not the intention (seriously!!). If all you DM freaks spend your time with a semi-decent team and learn tricks of the trade, we should be flooded with awesome new div1 players. If all you team-freaks that spend fuck loads of your times studying other teams and creating tactics (shoutout to main man mvp) hit those DM servers, we should be flooded with EVEN MORE div1 players.. I BELIEVE IN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU XOXOXOXOX


Shintaz's law of gaming - DM skill is inversely proportional to the importance of teamplay

Please note that this article is fully based on my own opinion and my opinion is the right one.*

*This may or may not be true, dependant on what you as a person believe.