Martn — Alright, the i43 LAN is getting close now, the VanillaTV crew are getting nervous, agitated and cranky.  Byte is seriously stressed out.  The team as a whole are so nervous and stressed out that they can’t even handle their own coverage anymore! Luckily for them, your favorite web developer has come to the rescue!

This one is for the people that are staying at home, you guys need to get warmed up, so nobody gets hurt this weekend by an overdose of TF2 coverage. I’m here to warm you people up with some of the finest I-series coverage.  By the end of this 3 part series, you will know the ins and outs of all recent I-series TF2 finals, because I made you watch them all!

We’re doing this in reverse chronological order, this way, we start out with the less interesting, but still good, final and work our way into the most epic LAN final in history. So rewind to spring 2011, it’s the i42 final between  Team Thermaltake and  Infused.Tt.  Team Thermaltake reached the final easily, they ploughed  through the opposition on their way to the finals, with the only bump in the road being the e-LEMON-ators, which consisted of Byte & friends, but they still managed to win that game with a crushing 8-3 score.

For Infused however, it wasn’t that easy, they started off well in the group stages, just as Team Thermaltake did, but the double elemination round didn’t really go as they would have liked. They got knocked into the lower bracket quite early by a team named  Children of Poop, forcing them to play a tight 2-1 game  against  Intensive Noobs, but straight after that they rolled Team Thermaltake’s only tough opposition, e-LEMON-ators, with a 5-0 victory twice over, which made them face Children of Poop once again. This time though, Infused put their gameface on and managed to get a narrow 6-3 and 5-4 victory, granting them the underdog spot in the grand final against Team Thermaltake.

This leads us to our first exercise, I’m not going to spoil the results if you don’t know them yet. Enjoy this epic, casted by ThePledge and  Oggy, the director was  Krimson!

This concludes our first article in this epic, three part series.  Stay tuned for the next 2 episodes, because we still have i41 and i40 to go in our warmup session!