* for Highlander.

Torden — Harhar, my first proper tabloid headline, bet you’re disappointed now. But over to the real story, ETF2L’s follow up to last year’s highly successful Highlander Community Challenge – The biggest league in TF2 history with 850 signed up teams, won by SNSD who decided to stick around as a 6v6 team in the shape of a top10 team called Yoyotech. New this year, there is no longer a maximum restriction on experience, anyone can sign up, and looking at the list, there are already a bunch of premiership players involved. If you’re completely new to highlander, it’s the competition format of 9v9, 1 of each class.

Sign ups end October 30th, with the league starting a week after.
Announcement post with all the details
Reddit announcement (upvote that shit)

Yours truly was one of the lucky ones last season to get to play as “mentor” for one of the teams, BiG. In the serious nature of 6v6 one sometimes forgets how fun the game can be at times with the chaotic nature of all 9 classes and endless weapon combinations. It may very well be our most important weapon to inform the great public of the existence of a competitive corner.

Maps and unlocks

  • Week 1: Badwater – Viaduct
  • Week 2: Viaduct – Upward
  • Week 3: Upward – Gravel Pit
  • Week 4: Gravel Pit – Steel
  • Week 5: Steel – Badwater
  • All weapons allowed
  • Set hats banned
  • Any weapons released after this announcement will be banned until the season ends

Competitive sign ups

At the time of writing, there are 28 teams signed up. Here are some of the more interesting entries:

 SNSD – Reigning champions and home of team Yoyotech
 Colony – Runner up, exclusively pro at highlander
 Turbopoop eSports – Russian pros
 UK’s finest – Nvc’s big comeback
Fail Notalent Gamers – Egypt’s finest
 Parrot Gamers – Cookye, Agron and Antyy
 Twin Power! – Exfane, Flisko, Quad, Santa, Royze and Predz
 broder – offclassers, with Leon and Wltrs

Here’s a remnant of the last challenge, edited by VanillaTV’s own  CUBE.