…as in, events coming soon.

Update: Now including a Lithuanian “Pros” vs pubbers .

Torden — I peek into the dashboard to find 2 small entries about upcoming events. –The ETF2L croissant cup next week, and the 2nd Australian battle between sexes (here in EU, we prefer witch hunting our females instead, the subtle differences…), this upcoming sunday morning. I copy pasted the 2 into 1 post. Some call it lazy journalism – I call it 90% of online news. Anyways, the events:

huhy — Hi there. I would like to inform you about an upcoming event on the 26th of November. 6 top lithuanian players are going to fight against 9 public players on Saturday at 18 CET. After my 3 past 6v9 events with no prizes, I thought that it might be a good idea to e-mail Robin Walker about this cup and see if it’s possible to get some Valve swag as prizes. After i e-mailed him, he forwarded my message to another Valve staff member, which told me that Valve is happy to support this event by providing t-shirts and posters with signatures of the TF2 creators.




Thanks to  Freeflow for making this awesome poster!

lt TF2 lt 6v9 Pro team Rock, Huhy, Extremer, Ups, Aibo999, Frenzy

TF2 lt 6v9 Pro team
TF2 lt 6v9 Public team

TF2 lt 6v9 Public team lt Shimmy, Tarantulo, Avast^, Mciltis, _Altec_, Ekstr3m, Qwn, Pushku, TomSz91

No League TF2.lt 6v9 Event
  • Saturday November 26th
  • 18:00 cet
  • 12:00 est (na)
  • 04:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • TF2 lt 6v9 Pro team (58%, 45 Votes)
  • TF2 lt 6v9 Public team (42%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 78

Loading ... Loading ...

I would like to thank Vaskie for providing 2 Humble Bundle Indie #2 keys. These two keys will be given out to the two most useful players from the pub team. Valve company for providing awesome TF2 swag.  Aibo999,  Tarantulo and  Erebus for helping out with the event.

wm — This Sunday evening we will see the second Battle of the Sexes game take place in Australia.

Original Announcement
Maps/Teams News Update
Final Update

If you are around at the time of the game be sure to tune into STV and the cast or if you miss it then watch out for the post-production cast of the event by eXtv!

Can’t wait and I hope you all enjoy this exhibition game.

wnk1ee — Belgian map maker Arnold, the great mind behind Gullywash, has created a new map cp_croissant [Ed: check the backrounds for screenshots]. To promote this map to our beloved community there will be a one night cup hosted on ETF2L. Teams will be devided by skill level and all matches will be played on mp_croissant.

This One night Cup will be hosted on Thursday December 1st , brackets will be released on wednesday night if you would like to enter this tournament you can add you’re ETF2L main team or create a fun team to compete.

Cup information:

Croissant can be downloaded here

Setup – Cups of 16, divided by skill levels
Merc rules – 2 mercs allowed by default
Bracket draw – Wednesday 30th November at 19:30 CET in #etf2l
Map – cp_croissant_b8
Sign-ups open – click here