Admirable — Last night we saw the Premiership get off to a punctual, yet flaccid start with the might Epsilon eSports riding roughshod over well-intentioned Tryharders in a 6-1 6-1 stompfest.  Some would say that the top level of our competitive scene is a in a state of transition, whilst others have already called the time of death, so I have set off on the hunt for some juicier fixtures for you, the loyal spectators, to feast upon.

In my daily routine of circling over VanillaTF2 and the ETF2L like some sort of  cyber vulture, waiting to peck the eyes of unsuspecting nerds on their last legs, I spotted an intriguing post from Russian millionaire-playboy-philanthropist-come-ETF2L-Admin, Angel.  In it the man behind the Ultiduo revolution, who is never scared to put his money where his mouth is, declares quite matter-of-factly that he will give $200 to the “first man who correctly predict first three places in the right order for group 2B” only to up the stakes again moments later with an additional $300 for the second person to correctly predict the outcome of Division 2B.

Only an hour old and already speculation was rife on the thread about potential match fixing and Angel had once again caught the attention of the community with his random acts of generosity, but that was not all the man with the money had to say on the matter.  A second update came thick and fast with our Russian benefactor announcing that the winner of Division 2B would now receive $600, again from his own pocket!  When forumites inquiries moved to gain some insight to his motives, he offered up the following:

1. Div 2B contains teams from different countries.
2. Each teams contains old-school players like Animal, desctructo, WAR (Yeah!), TroX, krol and others. <3
3. And all teams looks very stable.

It’s interesting who win there, isn’t it? ;)

So even if Division 2B was not on your radar before now folks, it most definitely is thanks to a sensational cash injection from the enigmatic Angel, who declined interview in favour of getting boozed up with his friends; a man of mystery indeed…

With things gathering pace so quickly it seems only fitting that the VanillaTF2 family would jump on the bandwagon, so using my beautiful mind I have connected the dots to bring you the first Division 2B game of the season, an all-Finnish affair between Chaotech eSports and The MIPC Organisation tonight at 21:15 CET live on VanillaTV.

Although I must admit that right now only myself, Admirable, is confirmed for the casting line-up, but rest assured that I will do my very best to secure an all-important streamer and co-caster to cook up the competitive TF2 hit I know you are all craving.  Fire up the hype machine!

Update: The ranks of my casting army have been swelled by the additions of the microphone-eating ThePledge and his ever-ready compatriot Comedian aiming the stream cannon.  The stage is set, let the games commence…

fi Chaotech eSports Lzrd, MInd, Fawni, aksu, Miquell, Kettuuu

Chaotech eSports
The MIPC Organization

The MIPC Organization fi Karhunen, Evilmoon, Setlet, hocz, Tunttu, miikka

ETF2L Season 11, Week1
  • Wednesday January 25th
  • 21:15 cet
  • 15:15 est (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • The MIPC Organization (68%, 45 Votes)
  • Chaotech eSports (32%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 66

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