Edit: Vods up!

CommanderX – Tonight, is the night, that two become one!  Something, something Greg, something, something Kaidus. Something, something ETF2L results . Something, something ETF2L fixtures. What I mean to say is that it has been a quiet week but we’ll still be on for a bit to discuss what action there has been and take a look ahead to the games that will be postponed next week. I’ve not asked anyone about this but I’m CommanderX and I’ll do what the fuck I want, what I mean to say is we might be a bit short on topics this week so any suggestions for topics or things you might want  talked about, post here or PM me and we might give it a blast.

Same time as always: 22:30cet

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And for all previous episodes links to the links are on ETF2L.

Update: Changed to tomorrow 30/01 same time, same place. Also tune in to find out or secret competition and win yourself a steam mobile beta key!

Double update: kaidus is some sort of pussy so instead we get TF2 player/caster/fanatic/legend  Admirable