Leftism — I should start by apologising for the lack of a VanillaTF2 website for most of yesterday and this morning. Although VanillaTV resources were unaffected (relays, mumble and our IRC bot) hosting issues, out of our direct control, were the cause of some scarce promotion of last night’s cast – but we’re hoping for a long uninterrupted up time for the foreseeable feature.

Back to business: ETF2L and Tt eSPORTS have announced a new partnership which will see them supply Europe’s largest TF2 league with prizes for the next three 6v6 seasons, this includes the current season.

“For Tt eSPORTS it’s very important to support gamers as a whole and we feel that an established league like ETF2L was the ideal partner to reach out to the Team Fortress 2 community who are very dedicated and passionate about gaming” Andrew “Vanq” Christoforou, European Marketing and Community Manager for Tt eSports, said in a statement in ETF2L’s announcement.

Prizes for season 11 have already been announced by the ETF2L staff with keyboards and rucksacks galore given to the season victors whilst mice, mousemats and headsets will be awarded to the runners-up and third placed teams respectively (with a set of mousemats up for grabs in Division 1) – details on the actual hardware is given in a later blog post.

The announce also sees Steelseries, a long time league sponsor, leave the stage. Both ETF2L and Vanilla commend them for their support of our beloved hat simulator.

More ETF2L news after the jump…

With the new sponsorship comes the need for a new banner and ETF2L have reached out to the community for some inspiration it seems by holding a banner competition. Full details can be found on the blog post but in summary, the banners have to be:

  • 1000×210 pixels in size
  • Must have an unedited “Tt eSPORTS” logo. (DL link in blog post)
  • Contain a “Powered by Multiplay” logo, and
  • Of course, the characters E, T, F, 2 and L in that order.

Contest entries and other conditions in the aforementioned blog post. Although there has been no comment from admins as to whether or not entries will be released publicly but feel free to show off your creativity in the comments section!

The league have also put up a rough schedule for 2012 up as well with the current season, season 11, ending around March time. The league’s second highlander season will get underway shortly afterwards.

Big news, however, is that a Nations’ Cup – not held since September 2009 – has been given the gohead in June, just after Season 12. Season 13 and Highlander Season 3 will round the year off.

The short term future of the league once again sees the return of the monthly “Fun Cup” – this time a 2v2 B-Ball tournament. Sign-ups are open until Wednesday evening – so go grab yourself a partner!