Byte — In keeping with VanillaTV’s anniversary and progression, I present to you a weekly event starting from tomorrow 27th of May 2012 – ‘Ask Byte’

So what exactly is this ‘Ask Byte’ all about?

Well day in day out every week I get regular requests about helping an individual player or a team improve on a map, particular when they have an official coming up. What I’ve noticed is that the questions people ask me could be shared n shown to more viewers. This is a very similar structure to how MGE used to handle their tutorial sessions, however the one disadvantage they had was it was server based, which would require users acting as props and re-constructing health scenario’s and so on. So instead I’ve taken a diagrammatic approach into answering people’s requests.

So as of tomorrow, every Sunday from 18:30-19:30cest VanillaTV will be streaming a 1 hour session of mentoring, which people in mumble ask questions, and I answer them with thorough detail.


So how will it work? – You require 3 things mumble, irc & VanillaTV’s livestream open.

You will need to log your request in #vanillatv @ quakenet, to do this all you have to do is enter the room and type !askbyte , it’s that easy. It work’s as a first come first serve basis.

Secondly if it is your turn next and you are called by myself, depending on your request/question you may need to join VanillaTV Mumble. This will make the request process much easier for me to understand your TF2 related question, and allow me to explain correctly in detail to the viewers watching what you’re question is all about. If the question is a simple question then I may just explain without any details required…

Thirdly, you will need VanillaTV’s stream open. If you are next in line and called up by myself to join mumble, all you need to do is mute the audio on the stream. However if you have not been requested to join mumble then there is no need to mute the audio on the stream. This is to stop double audio coming out for you on mumble and 5 seconds later on the stream. The rest who are waiting can continue to listen via the stream until they are summoned!


So what can you ‘Ask Byte’?

Anything related to the game play of competitive TF2:

  • individual classes
  • 6vs6 structure/format/strats
  • Map related questions – (Covered maps are badlands, granary, obscure_final/remake, gullywash, snakewater, turbine, viaduct & gravelpit)
  • Highlander
  • Reconstruct a particular scenario that occurred in a match for you (using images to start with and in the near future submitting demo’s and showing them live on stream with analysis done on the spot!)

It is not a discussion session, as I have limited time I genuinely want to help people who need the help into learning something or figuring out what went wrong for them whilst playing TF2.



How to speed up the process?

So, let’s say you are eager to get a question answered by me? How can you speed the process along? Quite easily, thanks to atmo who has made these sublime TF2 class emblems, if you need to re-act a particular scenario on a particular part of the map, you can use these icon’s and paste them into your screenshot, save the file and then provide me with a link to download and all I have to do is show it up on the stream!

Download the Class Emblem Pack here!

There are 4 different health modes, is fairly obvious, red bar meaning weak, orange bar meaning half health, full green bar meaning full health and fully white meaning buffed.


An example for you…

Question asked was: “What is the typical positional set-up for a normal roll-out on badlands byte?”

Answer is:

The details!

Starts – 27th of May 2012
When – Every Sunday 18:30-19:30cest
Stream – VanillaTV livestream
Mumble (may be required, depends on the type of question asked!) – VanillaTV Mumble
IRC – Click here to join the party!
To request – !askbyte your message goes here

Many thanks go to pajo for his efforts into creating the first set of class emblems, also atmo for creating these sublime class emblem’s as well and once again many thanks to skyride for setting me up with xsplit/irc bot and various other solutions!


Byte ;)