Trell — Well folks, here it is.  After all the blood sweat and tears poured into ETF2L’s 6v6 Season 12, two teams stand poised to be the overall winners and take home 6x Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-UNIT Keyboard as well as 6x Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Bag AND 300 GBP from an anonymous donator.  Second place has to make do with 6x Tt eSPORTS THERON mouse and 6x Tt eSPORTS LADON mousepad.

Admirable and djc


Arx and Beta


 Infused took home 6x Tt eSPORTS SHOCK headset after losing to  TCM in the third place playoff.

So, who are the two teams left battling it out for prizes and efame?

eu TCM-Gaming hocz, kaidus, byte, hymzi, Zebbosai, Rebeli

Epsilon eSports

Epsilon eSports eu wltrs, KnOxXx, GeaR, Extremer, F2, shocky

ETF2L Season 12 Grand Final

Who will win this match?

  • Epsilon eSports (56%, 41 Votes)
  • TCM-Gaming (44%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 73

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 Epsilon eSports

This team has long been a dominant force in European TF2 and this season was no different.  They won 5 out of their 6 games this season – but, and this could be the most telling point, the one match they lost was to TCM in week 5.   Extremer returning from inactivity to replace  randa on demoman meant that people were wondering if we’d see the team lose some steam as they readjusted, but it doesn’t appear to have had a major impact and they are still looking in fine form.  With the stable backbone of  F2 as their medic, can this team go all the way and deny TCM the 1st place finish they so badly desire?

 Slick, the manager for Epsilon, had this to say:

A bit of a hectic period with vacation, we will try to get our ass in gear today and start playing again before tommorow’s grand final, hopefully enough to beat a solid star lineup such as TCM has. If I can find Extremer in time… that is… Expecting another close and intense game for the specs!

 TCM Gaming

The ‘forever third’ curse that dogged  Byte seems to have been put to bed after they ploughed through Infused to make it to this final.  Despite only winning 3 of their 6 games in Season 12, they only dropped 1 match, whilst drawing the other two, and, as stated above, they actually won their match against Epsilon, which must give them a huge confidence boost going into the final.  It remains to be seen whether holidays will ravage the TCM team or whether they can get the team together enough to give a decent performance.

Byte, leader of the TF2 team for TCM Gaming, had this to say:

What a season we’ve had, if someone had said to me that we were only going to be defeated up until the final by the frenchies (pLine) I’d of doubted them. After winning the semi-final last week TCM gaming think this is great prep for i46.

We mean business and we want to win i46, this is our goal, my goal and TCM’s goal. ETF2L S12 is great practice and prep for that and we’ve shown with the experienced players we have in the team we can compete, adapt and more importantly convert rounds!

We’re under no illusion how good Epsilon are, especially if they are ALL on fire on the night, then they are lethal. None the less, our unique playstyle with how hymzi plays scout, how Zebbosai flanks and thinks along with my positonal element of being in the wrong place on purpose ;) we can still compete.

Best of luck to both teams.

Join us in #vanillatv on Quakenet from 21 CEST onwards as we bring you a dual cast, as voted for by the community.   boomeh,  Admirable and  djc will be covering the game on the first stream, with  AcidRenix,  Beta and  Comedian bringing you the second stream, so you get a choice!  Both casting teams will be giving away CS:GO keys during the game for viewers to win!