atmo — This week’s ABC cast sees the return of prodigal son-turned-cameraman Comedian, reuniting our familiar weekly trio.

With the first semifinal already completed, tonight’s match up between Finland and France decides who takes the remaining spot in the inaugural Highlander Nations Cup’s final against Germany. Will losing to Germany in the group stages work as motivation or intimidation for Finland? France have progressed this far without any losses to their name, which Finland will be hoping to change with a victory tonight.

Players to keep an eye on are France’s stalwart spy Daff, incredible sniper Flippy and Finland’s colony stars zoob, nappr, SabaSaba et al. Maps for this evening’s encounter are pl_upward (France’s pick), pl_waste (Finland’s pick), and a decider of pl_badwater. The first should indeed favour France by providing great sniping sightlines for Flippy. The second should play into Finland’s hands as they are the team with the greater overall Highlander experience, and pl_waste may not be totally familiar to the French, having only played it once in the group stages in a 3-1 victory over Lithuania. As for pl_badwater, the core map for Highlander is tried and true and should be a great setting for a third map if necessary.

fr France Daff, Flippy, Flaoua, Mista, Tek, Pognon, Sadr, T-Mac, Plapla


Finland fi SabaSaba, MInd, Diegoo, letku, Crux, Setlet, yonus, zoob, Santtu

ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup Semi Final
  • Tuesday August 7th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)
  • No source tv information available

Who will win this match?

  • Finland (52%, 17 Votes)
  • France (48%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 33

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The VanillaTV triumvirate of AcidReniX, Beta and Comedian will start their show at 21:00 CET, with the game set to begin at 21:15.

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