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The Syndicate

SNSD eu Hurri, Tviq, Droso, Linus, Cube, kaidus, ALX, zoob, TheSucker

No League North American v European Highlander showmatch
  • Sunday October 14th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • SNSD (69%, 45 Votes)
  • The Syndicate (31%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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map 2 – Granary
map 3 – viaduct

 Hildreth – It has been a while since we have seen Highlander in Europe, not since  Ruskeydoo tearfully gave away his custom-made, Heavy Weapons Guy medal to  Funkadelic in the Kritzkast booth at i46 have we seen any sort of coverage for the 9v9 format but tonight we’re proud to be back to witness the first ever cross continent showmatch between Europe and North America as we celebrate the return of ETF2L Highlander season 3. Current champions  SNSD quite literally define the movie on which this gamemode took it’s name from, Immortality – unbeaten in 30 Highlander matches in nearly 2 years and 5 seperate competitions. Tonight they will face the current top seeded team in North America’s UGC Platinum division,  The Syndicate who feature some big names in both 6v6 and 9v9 such as  Ruwin and spy sensation  Stabby stabby as we welcome some of America’s finest in terms of both casters and players. Tonight on VanillaTV we have  Salamancer from eXtelevision here to join Europe’s best (as voted for by you, the brainwashed viewers) caster  Admirable and myself just to keep those bad boys in check, just in case anyone tries to abuse their fame in some way. Last but not least, just to make sure we have a quality setup all across the board,  Comedian will take control of the stream and handle the technical side of the production so we have a smooth game all night.

Poster by KaiThePhaux – Maps will actually be Badwater, Granary and Viaduct_Pro.

Both teams’ leaders gave me some insight into how they thought the contest would go. First up we have the real leader of SNSD Linus (not  TheSucker, he is less of a leader more of a credit stealing glory hog) giving us a few thoughts ahead of the game.

Well, as a team we are hoping and expecting to win, but of course there’s a strong sense of doubt, mainly due to the difference in activity levels. We are mainly 6v6 players that play highlander when there’s a league to play, and right now there isn’t – we’ve been practicing hard the last couple of days though, so hopefully we will be on top form. Also, I hope the game will be inspirational (whether we win or lose) for more highlander teams to step it up; one of the main issues in the European scene right now is that there’s little to no activity on the top level. Overall, hoping for a spectacle, so everyone can enjoy trolling and thrash talking on stream and in the STV chat as per usual.

The Syndicate leader and ex-ESEA LAN winner  Vhalin (of Check Six fame) also gave his thoughts on tonight:

Going into this I definitely think we’ll need some luck to pull this one off. I feel that if it weren’t for i46 everyone would be saying SNSD is going to take this rather convincingly. I feel The Syndicate is going to have the upper hand only in ping. We are a new team this season, we haven’t even played any of these maps in regular season yet. We are also composed of 3 invites and 6 pub stars/highlander players compared to their 6 prems and 3 pub stars/highlanders. This is also me and soups first season of highlander and ruwin’s second so they also posess more HL experience as well as 6s experience. They also have been a team now for more than 2 years where as none of us have even played on any team together before this season besides a few exceptions from 2 seasons ago. Other than that they will have a lot more chemistry, coordination and teamwork. I’m just really hoping our pings and DM can carry us as Hein attempts to keep our sloppy play wrangled together at the right places.

The mental side of it then seems to show SNSD are the more confident of the two teams on show and don’t seem to have any worries about the 80-100 average ping across the board. Or is It mind games from Vhalin as he tries to pile the pressure back onto the Europeans? I don’t think “pub-star” is the correct term to describe some of these players but there we go, we’ll have to tune in tonight and see what they bring to the table.

Some quick shoutouts – First off to STAR, the youtube commentator for lending his services for tonight’s matchup and also a shoutout to IFA Ricky bobby and ElucidGaming for both offering to provide gameservers for tonight. Lovely to see such big hearts in the community once again, just remember to pay back Salamancer for i46!