Gulf of Mexico – 1, 544, 000 (Sq. Km.)

Gulf of Hudson – 1,233,000 (Sq. Km.)

Arabian Gulf – 251,000 (Sq. Km)

ETF2L Playoff Spots – ???


  Chaplain — Whenever the word “gulf” pops into my head, I find it very easy to imagine a physical ravine, chasm or abyss, but very rarely do I picture the wide seperation of skill, position and education that has dragged itself onto VanillaTV’s lap tonight, drooling an effervescent stream of potential grandeur and entertainment. I am, of course, referring to the upcoming battle between the majestic Epsilon eSports and the downtrodden Crack Clan, who desperately need a break after the whitewash we witnessed last week.

Epsilon eSports are currently shining brightly at the peak of the ETF2L after an unbeaten run, however, that could all end today as the heel-biting BFF are only a breath away, with their three point deficit far from insurmountable, a win tonight could really clinch Epsilon’s advantage over their adversaries in the playoffs. The lineup tonight is as follows:

Medic KnOxXx
Demoman –  numlocked
Soldiers –  Mike,  GeaR
Scouts –  schocky,  wltrs

I sat down to have a chat with Mike:

Mike – “Can’t talk right now, I want to eat biscuits and play dm”

On the other hand, Crack Clan have been anything but invicible recently, however I honestly believe they have the ability and cohesion to make a victory possible tonight. Their lineup remains unedited from their recent game versus BFF, however I’m willing to bet things will go differently this time around:

Medic Admirable
Demoman Retsh0ck
Soldiers Minimoose,  ipz
Scouts TviQ,  smzi

I had a chat with master strategist Ipz, who gave me his 2 cents on the upcoming scrap:

 Ipz – “This game isn’t massively important; all we care about is getting into the playoffs, however I am really looking forward to playing versus Epsilon tonight. Fighting them on a fresh map (Process) will give us the advantage, as we consider it our ‘home’ map. Epsilon are definately no pushover; we are playing against one of the best maincallers in the business, two soldiers that are amazing without having to offclass and living legends with scatterguns. Snakewater will decide the outcome of this match, however its also massively important that both teams can keep their comms calm, right Kn0xXx?♥”

Now for some predictions:

Lynchpin Schocky

The German prodigy has been down on his luck recently, with a lacklustre performance in all the officials i’ve seen him play in. Epsilon will need him on his A-game to triumph tonight.

Man to Watch – TviQ

Swedish boy wonder, TviQ, has been playing at the top of his game recently and if he climaxes today, it could be a glorious thing for everyone involved.

Clash to Catch Numlocked vs Retshock

Two brilliant Demomen, one mid point. I think Numlocked goes into this match with a smug air of superiority after Kaidus got the better of Retshock last game, but today is a new day and the FIFA aficionado is difficult to predict.

Most likely to Choke Wltrs

I always think its difficult to predict who will choke when there is such a large quantity of experienced players representing their teams in a big game like tonight’s; however the sniping Swede, Wltrs, is unpredictable, and we’ve seen him destroy and be destroyed in equal measure.

The action will begin at 21.15 CEST, featuring the amazing England Arx & Beta combo and Huhy on the stream; see you there!

de Crack Clan tviq, ipz, minimoose, Retsh0ck, smzi, Admirable

Crack Clan
Epsilon eSports

Epsilon eSports eu Mike, GeaR, schocky, numlocked, KnOxXx, wltrs

ETF2L Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Week 4 (Premier Division)
  • Tuesday October 23rd
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)
  • No cast information available

Who will win this match?

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  • Crack Clan (0%, 0 Votes)

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