Skyride — Once upon a time TF2 was a game rich with sponsors. Almost every team in division 1 represented a major organisation, and in return these organisations were willing to give you more than a mumble channel and a cheap server. The Last Resort was one of them. Their previous teams include Marco‘s All Star German contingent with which they parted ways more than 2 years ago and the Monster Munch lineup of old that were a dominant force in the early history of European TF2.

On officially joining the organisation, team captain HYS had this to say:

I’d like to thank Michael “Chefinal” Robinson for giving our team the chance to showcase our talent under the TLR eSports banner. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to establish ourselves as a solid premiership outfit and help re-ignite TLRs wonderful reputation built over the last decade.

TLR’s Manager chefinal also had this to say:

I am extremely happy to return to the TF2 scene a game that TLR.eSports has had great presence in the past. The team currently is leading the etf2l premier division and we hope they can do the same under the TLR.eSports banner. I have been very impressed with the TF2 community over the past few years and recently their efforts and drive towards i45 and getting 2 USA teams over for the event.

The lineup is as follows:

  •   Ilari “Evilmoon” V.
  •  Sam “Cyber” C.
  •  Greg “Traxantic” C.
  •  Stevan “HYS” S.
  •  Louis “dONut” V.
  •  Vincent “droso” I.

We all wish the team and organisation the best of luck, and hope to see them at i47!

You can see their own news post here on their site.