atmo — This evening we have the pairing of the Premiership’s first and second placed teams, as the season wraps up and teams are jockeying for position in the playoff shake-up. At this stage the final four of Epsilon eSports, The Last Resort, Crack Clan and BFF is essentially confirmed*, and each team’s remaining fixtures will see their movement up or down the table confined to these top four places. Tonight’s game pits euro giants Epsilon against Premiership dark horses TLR, in a contest which will determine whether it is cynical mercenary or butterflies and friendship that are the ultimate force in competitive TF2.

Epsilon stand four points clear of TLR and Crack Clan in joint second, but of the three only this evening’s competitors have games left to play, as CC have completed their score card for the season. Subsequent to tonight’s game, both Epsilon and TLR still have one more match each, but it is Epsilon’s fixture that appears more facile. While TLR have to face playoff rivals BFF in their final game of the season, Epsilon are scheduled to play the struggling Punchline, who reside at the bottom of the table. If TLR are to move into first place they cannot rely on Punchline taking six points off Epsilon, so they will have to pull something out of the bag tonight.

Scoffing from the sidelines, rival BFF demoman kaidus offered his judgement on the game:

 it’s gonna be 5-0 2-1

A 5-0 scoreline on the first map of cp_badlands would indeed not come as a surprise to many, with Epsilon very much at ease in those surroundings. However, tonight’s second setting of season-addition ctf_turbine, not seen since the ESL days, could be the opportunity TLR need to eke out a draw. With the CTF format providing action from all directions, TLR’s average mouse sensitivity of 19.4 cm/360 gives them a statistical advantage over Epsilon at 33.7 cm/360 and a potential reaction time up to 24% faster. Could this be twitcher Traxantic‘s ideal environment?

Casting the game for VanillaTV is the ubernoob himself Admirable, shouting across the waters to his yankee-doodle chum djc, and streaming mastermind skyride capturing as many pixels per second as he can on camera, all starting at 21:15 CET.

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The Last Resort
Epsilon eSports

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ETF2L Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Week 6 (Premier Division)
  • Wednesday October 31st
  • 21:15 cet
  • 15:15 est (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Epsilon eSports (81%, 13 Votes)
  • The Last Resort (19%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 16

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* Edit: Actually, Quarantine (9 pts, 1 game to play) could overtake BFF (15 pts, 2 games to play) if they beat BFF in their Wk 6 game 6-0, and then BFF lose by the same scoreline against TLR in Wk 7. A tall order indeed, but mathematically possible. Thanks Skully!