EDIT: Unfortunately due to being unable to find a merc in time, Vier Red have decided to pull out a wildcard for tonight, and thus there is no game to cast. :(

Skyride — 2 nights on the trot? What is this madness! Upon retreating to the super secret VanillaTV Headquarters after last night’s game, we discovered another gem being played tonight. By this point I’m sure anyone who has been following our coverage of Season 13 will be intimately familiar with  Elemental Violence. Taking home a strong 2nd place finish at i45 earlier this year and securing themselves the position as fan favourites in Division 1, things were looking good for them this season. Unfortunately it hasn’t went quite to plan. Losing their first game against ALUMINUM with one map coming down to a close golden cap decider, they at least managed to walk away with something more than a bright red 0 – 6 on the ETF2L match page. They then managed to take a map against Naughty Badmen last week with both teams putting 3 points on the table, and disappointingly losing both maps last night against  uV NINJAS last night.

In the opposing corner we have the all-German lineup of Vier Red. After successfully mopping the floor with Division 2 last season, they appear to be struggling in this season’s hyper-competitive Divison 1. Their first game this season was a close draw against Lutuset in which both teams returned from battle with a map to their name, and then proceeded to get annihilated by Naughty Badmen, with Granary concluding in a 25 minute 5 – 0; the same team which their opponents tonight had a close draw against last week.

Both of these teams have had a difficult start to their season. The question is, who’s Season is about to get better?

Unfortunately due to an annoyingly large majority of VanillaTV’s staff having these so called “jobs” to attend daily, we haven’t confirmed tonight’s casters, but do not fret, the situation will be resolved long before the game kicks off. We do however very much have confirmation that the smooth man from Amsterdam Comedian will be bringing you tonight’s stream in glorious 45fps.

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