“As… (Goliath) moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him. Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead.”

Chaplain — After an astounding semi-final, the dynamic Crack Clan have emerged victorious over BFF and are set to face the unbeaten Epsilon eSports for a share of the unprecedented €2500 prize pool & Tt eSports swag!

David & Goliath is a story that many of you will be familiar with, but as a metaphor it represents an entity at a disadvantage overcoming insurmountable odds to defeat a favoured opponent. If Crack Clan manage to come out on top in the Grand Final, then I don’t think anyone would fail to draw parallels with that particular biblical tale;  Admirable’s boys have slain the bears and mountain lions that came to threaten their flock, but ETF2L’s resident giants are a definite step up from anything they have had to face before.

The odds are against Crack Clan but the game isn’t over yet, and we’ve seen enough upsets this season to that a win is definitely possible. This is their lineup for the final:

Medic Admirable
Demoman Retsh0ck
Soldiers Minimoose,  ipz
Scouts TviQ,  smzi

I had a chat with Crack Clan’s roaming soldier,  Ipz, for his lowdown on the showdown:

Ipz – “Who let the dogs out? Who?Who?Who?Who?”

Epsilon eSports have weathered a storm of opposition this season and emerged from it all unscathed, with a perfect record and only 10 rounds conceded, its hard to imagine them losing against a team that they beat so convincingly during the season, however Crack Clan as a team have evolved and their display versus BFF shows that they are ready to rise to the challenge. I had a chat with Mike from Epsilon to ask them how they fancy their chances tonight:

Mike – Our performance as of late has made me sure of victory :)

Their lineup is as follows:

Medic KnOxXx
Demoman –  numlocked
Soldiers –  Mike,  GeaR
Scouts –  schocky,  wltrs

Now for some predictions:

Lynchpin Schocky

The German prodigy has been down on his luck recently, with a lacklustre performance in all the officials i’ve seen him play in. Epsilon will need him on his A-game to triumph tonight.

Man to Watch – TviQ

Swedish boy wonder, TviQ, has been playing at the top of his game recently and if he climaxes today, it could be a glorious thing for everyone involved.

Clash to Catch Numlocked vs Retshock

Two brilliant Demomen, one mid point. I think Numlocked goes into this match with a smug air of superiority after a perfect record by his team, but today is a new day and the FIFA aficionado is difficult to predict.

The action will begin at 21.15 CEST, featuring the amazing England Arx & Beta combo and Comedian on the stream; see you there!

de Crack Clan smzi, ipz, minimoose, Retsh0ck, Admirable, TviQ

Crack Clan
Epsilon eSports

Epsilon eSports eu KnoxXx, Gear, Mike, wltrs, stefan, Numlocked

ETF2L Season 13 Playoffs - Grand Final
  • Thursday November 29th
  • 21:15 cet
  • 15:15 est (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

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