Trell — It’s On (with a capital O) tonight fellow Europeans.  An all star VanillaTV staff team will be facing off against an all star  eXtv team in a 3 map Highlander format spectacular.

This match has been on the cards for a few weeks, but due to scheduling issues has taken a while to be organised.  Finally the time has rolled around, and maybe Europe can win something vs the US of A!

Team lineups (correct as of time of going to press):


Scout:  bones, Soldier:  huhy, Pyro:  Greg, Demoman:  Byte, Heavy:  Chaplain, Engineer:  Skully, Medic:  skyride, Sniper:  Warden, Spy:  Zebbosai


Scout Lucky Luke, Soldier Dranearian, Pyro eFFl, Demoman Maidos, Heavy Airon, Engineer Kip, Medic drshdwpuppet, Sniper John H, Spy Fixxxer

Maps: pl_badwater, cp_granary, koth_lakeside

Comedian (who is overseeing the event), reliably informs us that all 3 maps will be played regardless ‘for the fans’, so you’re guaranteed of a fun evening.  The action starts from 21:15 CEST and will be covered in English on VanillaTV with Comedian,  Agro,  Ruskeydoo and a special guest from eXtv, as yet to be announced.  Russian casting will be provided by, with  Dikker doing the camera work, and OMFGS1nedrion,  anti2 and  Spicy casting.

eu VanillaTV Staff boneS, huhy, Greg, Byte, Chaplain, Skully, Skyride, Warden, Zebbosai

VanillaTV Staff
eXtv Staff

eXtv Staff us Lucky Luke, Dranearian, eFFl, Maidos, Airon, Kip, drshdwpuppet, John H, Fixxxer

No League Saturday Highlander Showmatch - EU vs USA
  • Saturday November 10th
  • 21:15 cet
  • 15:15 est (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • VanillaTV Staff (88%, 22 Votes)
  • eXtv Staff (12%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

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pl_badwater1-2TF2World.Ru TV
cp_granary6-2TF2World.Ru TV
koth_lakeside3-1TF2World.Ru TV