Trell — After the 6v6 dual cast last night, tonight we’re covering the kick off of ETF2L’s 3rd Highlander season, with premiership action between  Colony and  Parrot Gapers (yes, that’s the actual team name).

During season 2, there was no premiership, so arguably one of the biggest changes for this season is the change of the ‘old’ division 1 into the ‘new’ premiership.  This means that we see a few changes in the new prem table, with  SNSD and  May Contain Nuts still holding steady, but the addition of two new teams – Parrot Gapers and  Max-Play while the newly promoted  McLeod’s Daughters round off the prem lineup.  Unfortunately  turbopoop were relegated at the tail end of season 2, leaving them now languishing in division 1.

Tonight is week 1, and will be on the map pl_badwater, with coverage provided by our streamer  huhy, and casted by the formidable team of  Pledge and  Skully.  Tune in from 20 CET!

fi colony :E

colony :E
Parrot Gapers

Parrot Gapers eu

ETF2L Highlander Season 3 Week 1
  • Wednesday November 7th
  • 20:00 cet
  • 14:00 est (na)
  • 06:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Parrot Gapers (55%, 6 Votes)
  • colony :E (45%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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