Just a quick update, due to one of solar’s members have to leave early the game will now start 20:45cet see you there!!!


Ally — Continuing our aim of covering ALL the things this season, following on from yesterday’s game in the Premiership, today we have a game between two fresh teams in Division 1.  SOLAR 2013, a team who haven’t had much said about them before after sneaking their way into the Division following  Avenue’s fold, face off against  logs.tf, a team uniquely composed of more scots than any other nationality …dat trivia.

logs.tf placed 2nd in Division 2 last season and recently were thrown into the limelight during the playoffs for Premiership and Division 1 where they lost to the mighty french  PyroGen and  Byte’s ex-team of potentials but narrowly achieved their Division 1 spot due to other contenders folding. The team recently posted a recruitment thread for a scout, with  Sheepy seemingly leaving the game for all but officials from next week onwards.

I caught up with logs.tf’s Medic,  ritalin who seemed really motivated and full of enthusiasm for tonights match:

Haha, we suck man, don’t cast us.

SOLAR are a team that has been chilling on the Div1/Div2 boundary for the last couple of seasons, having won Seasons 11 & 12 in Div3 and Div2 respectively, they earned their place in Div 1 for Season 13 before folding pre-season due to roster issues. The team was originally put together by  Vanilla of ex-Moustek fame and since have gone through a merger with team  Inadequacy (who placed 2nd to  Punchline in the NA Rules Cup a while back) picking up  Hycz on pocket and  Maidu on scout. Someone a lot more people may recognize is the recent addition of the ex-Avenue leader  Skeej on medic (which is relatively ironic given how SOLAR got into Div1 this season).

eu logs.tf Ritalin, Hildreth, Shifty, zooob, Sheepy, Furbo


SOLAR eu Skeej, Lalli, Hycz, qnx, Vanilla, maidu

ETF2L Season 14 powered by Twitch, Division 1, Week 1
  • Tuesday January 29th
  • 20:45 cet
  • 14:45 est (na)
  • 06:45 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • SOLAR (51%, 18 Votes)
  • logs.tf (49%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 35

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Streaming tonight will be  Warden, with casting provided by  Pledge and myself!