Hildreth — Highlander has been kind of under the radar lately as Season 3 has quietly rolled by, partly thanks to me not caring enough about coverage to promote the 9v9 gamemode. The only thing that matters these days is streaming and having people willing to cast some games, so I urge those who love their Highlander to stand up and be counted….and to message someone from VanillaTV on IRC so we can get some playoff coverage. On the topic of what is happening on these overly complex, long drawn playoff matches to decide the generously donated prize money from Mr X.

Colony v [<3] Less than three

First off tonight, I would like to promote tonight’s Highlander cast between Colony and International [<3]. This game is the semi-finals of the “secondary playoffs”; the winner of these playoffs – containing 7 teams from bottom half of the Premiership and top 4 from Division one – will win some cash prizes along with the chance to compete in the top division next season.

This match will be casted tonight at 20 CET live by HeavyisGPS and myself, the cast whisperer Hildreth on his twitch.tv channel, the stream is embedded for you below. Also coming up after the Colony v [<3] will be the UGC European Platinum all-star match featuring the community voted ‘all-stars’ from this season of UGC European Platinum. ETF2L’s Premiership outfit Max-Play highlander team took the crown this season, tune in at 21 CET to see this match on the same twitch channel.

fi colony :E furbo, letku, yonus, nappr, fraggen, noretus, mente, Septique, SabaSaba

colony :E
Less Than Three

Less Than Three europeanunion Chadster, Crazyman, ZooZ, Raymon, Josh, WildEast, venOm, byte, Rake

ETF2L Highlander Season 3: Secondary Playoffs
  • Sunday January 6th
  • 20:00 cet
  • 14:00 est (na)
  • 06:00 est (aus)
  • No cast information available
  • No source tv information available

Who will win this match?

  • colony :E (83%, 5 Votes)
  • Less Than Three (17%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 6

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Premiership Playoffs

So SNSD didn’t take maximum points this regular season, they lost a round to runners-up May Contain Nuts in the final game, losing 4-2 to the undisputed Korean Pop Queens. This means that May Contain Nuts will play the third placed team to decide who goes through to the first ever Highlander playoff Grand Final and who wins the €1,035 up for grabs (divide that by 9 people and it is enough to feed an Irish family for 10 years).

However the aptly named Legolas stole one of our points and Parrot Gapers finished joint 3rd, meaning a further playoff game was required to decide who could participate in the 2nd placed play-off, which will in turn decide the fate of the 1st placed playoff. Glad I could clear that up for you all. Anyhow Legolas took one of our points (who got deducted a point, which leads me to wonder which ETF2L admin has Orlando Bloom looks with long-golden hair and funny shaped ears?)

took the first map of a best of three map series 5-1 on Granary but lost out on the next two maps that were Badwater and Gravel Pit respectively, the Gapers were helped by Quad on Pyro, described by team leader Sii as “the best ever”. So now for the Premiership playoffs May Contain Nuts will face off against Parrot Gapers in a best of three map series, the date of the game will be sometime next week and there may or may not be a cast on VanillaTV, if not the game is likely to be streamed by someone playing. Of course the winner of this game will guarantee themselves at least €630 whilst the losers will win a sum of €405.

Secondary playoffs

Suitably confused? Good, good let us confuse you even more by attempting to explain the secondary playoffs, all for the sum of €360 for the winners and €135 for the runners-up as well as guaranteed Premiership spots next season. After the defeat to Parrot Gapers, LTOOP (like I am going to write it out every time) have gone into the Secondary playoffs Semi-final where they will face the winner of tonight’s live casted game, either 5th placed Colony or Division One’s 3rd placed team, [<3].

Max-Play Highlander have already gone through their Play-off semi-final against 4th placed Division 1 side Simply The Best which leaves the Polish side, who finished bottom of the table, to face off against the winners of DAROUTOUTOU and Turbopoop eSports. Max-Play’s game against Simply The Best was another 3 mapper, although the division 1 side won the first round on Badwater, managing to hold onto point 4, they couldn’t hold on to Upward and then subsequently lost the deciding map Granary 4-1. Phroblem and Linka, the Sniper/Spy combination for Max-play looked especially strong in that match. You can find it casted by Heavy is GPS on his Twitch.tv channel. Props to him for single handedly carrying EU casting on his back…and he sounds American, how bad are we?

With all that mentioned, we now just need to await the outcomes of Turbopoop v DAROUTOUTOU and Colony v [<3] Less Than ThreeIs apparently their name) the latter match we hope to bring you live on VanillaTV tomorrow from 20 CET. Stick around and watch this space as the winners of this match will go on to face LTOOP, meanwhile Max-Play Highlander await the winners of the Team France v Team Russia game…I mean DAROUTOUTOU v Turbopoop eSports match.

Of course the winners of both these matches will progress to the Secondary playoff final and fight it out for the spanking total of €360, enough if you divide it by 9 to keep Furbo partying for a whole 20 minutes! If Mr X knew his money would be spent on Drugs and Alcohol I am sure he’d know better than to donate it to TF2…now you know; now you know.