droso — skeej — This saturday, the French community will gather once again at Futuroscope, in Poitiers, for the 2013 edition of Gamers Assembly. Twelve teams were set to attend the event, but, unfortunately, RELAPSE! had to withdraw from the tournament at the last minute. Still, we can expect a pretty good tournament with three Premiership-caliber teams attending, who will battle it out over a whopping total prize pot of €2500 and hardware.


Read more about the teams and prizes after the jump.

  1. €1500 + 6x MadCatz Cyborg V5 keyboard + 6x MadCatz R.A.T. 5 mouse
  2. €750 + 6x MadCatz Cyborg V5 keyboard + 6x MadCatz R.A.T. 5 mouse
  3. €250 + Roccat Starter Pack (mouse, mousepad, earplugs)
  4. Qpad mousepad – Gamers Assembly Edition

Top 5-8 teams will also recieve a small hardware prize, including bluetooth keyboards and some mysterious device, called a “IB-Wi-002”. Free hat to anyone who finds out what it is!

Best of all, these prizes include tickets to Futuroscope, the best themepark in Europe according to Thy.

The teams attending will be:


  • Captainhax
  • Tek
  • K3
  • Flippy
  • Plapla
  • Exon

Despite being quite inactive as a team for quite a while now, they still managed to win both previous French LANs, Epsilan and Insalan. It seems like their European ventures kept them on par with the best French players. With no European top teams attending this Gamers Assembly, their chances of winning are pretty high.

Viva La Vida Rebirth

  • T-Mac
  • Salt
  • skeej
  • droso
  • Pikalash (Almaa)
  • Thy

Last Gamers Assembly, this mixteam had some Spanish fuego in the form of superstars Pescanova and Longaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas (© Byte) to help them reach the grand finals, fighting against Epsilon. This time around, they’re back, with 3 ex-PyroGEN players. Will that be enough to upset the French teams again? Has T-Mac looked at enough of ipz’ demos? Now that Thy’s ShootMania “career” is over, he can finally potentially win a LAN again!


  • Luzzu
  • Pomme
  • ZooZ
  • Aephage
  • fl1p
  • Kouna

Famously known as “WeBone”, these newcomers to Premiership have a great momentum coming into this tournament, and might go home with the grand prize, provided they can keep up their game like they did against Quarantine in the Premiership relegation playoffs.

The rest of the teams attending are:

  • M&M’s revolution
  • So Hard Ikai
  • 6 Brotherz
  • Team Kiwédia
  • orKs eSports
  • Grr !! Community
  • Losbo
  • imG’ TF2