Poster by KaiThePhaux

Poster by KaiThePhaux

 Hildreth – As ETF2L Season 3 dawned, I embarked on a little project to organize a showmatch to go with the theme at the time of Europeans playing North Americans and getting dunked on. The European champions of Highlander, SNSD had not lost at all in Europe but when they faced the American super team,  The Syndicate  they went down to the eventual North American champions 2-1 in maps. Now as we await the beginning of season 4 in ETF2L, SNSD are expected to bring a few changes after a third successive title and will warm up for the season with yet another showmatch against this seasons American flavour of the month,  Ginyu Force. This Saturday, March 9th starting at 22 CET (4pm EST) will present this event with crowd favourite  Huhy handling the stream and TF2’s very own Mr and Mrs casting pair,  DJC and  Admirable on the mic who will surely bring enough EU v NA banter for everyone to sink their teeth into.


Ginyu Force are currently ranked 1st in UGC Platinum and feature star streamers such as Huey Lewis and  Frank West along with the damage dealing   Duwatna on Demoman and UGC hottest sniper  Max aiming the rifle. For SNSD, the big names like  Kaidus,  Tviq,  ALX won’t scare but with  Hat stepping down again and unknown Pyro  Buttnose trialing along with Colony’s  SabaSaba plus Zoob ringing will their famous teamwork break down or will we see  TheSucker’s medic talent shine through as he right clicks at the right time and works his magic.

The maps will be three maps both played in ETF2L and UGC so that both teams will be familiar and able to bring their best game without the complaint of not knowing the map. First up we will see classic Highlander map Badwater followed then by some 5 Capture Point madness with Gullywash before finishing off the night with Lakeside as a potential decider. The unlock rules will be the same as ETF2L (beggar’s bazooka banned) along with the same map rules, meaning a best of 3 Badwater game, a 30 minute long 5cp map and a best of 5 rounds Lakeside to decide if need be.

Both leaders had a bit to say ahead of the game:

Linus: Well, we’re hoping to take it this time – we haven’t been out of practice for months like before the -ts- game, and the map picks seem a lot more fair this time around, as it’s 3 maps we have consistently played throughout our highlander career. We don’t really have a different approach, we’ll try our best like we did before, and hope to deliver a good show. As for ETF2L, as far as I’m aware prem isn’t going to be much different this season, so even with TheSucker back on medic, I do think we’re going to be finishing 1st on the table.

Huey Lewis: I need a job, I can’t think about TF2 right now.

Previous showmatch between SNSD and The Syndicate.