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Arie — Live tonight on VanillaTV, the first day of the Team Colonslash Cup featuring cp_quay.

It doesn’t happen often that we see new maps added to the competitive map pool, and the ones that do often fall out of grace soon after (cp_obscure, cp_freight, cp_fastlane). Choiie‘s new map, cp_quay, is looking to be a new map for the pool.

We caught op with choiie and asked him why we should care about cp_quay:

VanillaTF2.org: You made cp_snakewater which had a pretty good run since august 2011. Some of the high lever players seem to dislike snakewater lately, do you think cp_quay will replace snakewater or do you expect it to be added alongside it?

choiie: Well, I have to admit I haven’t heard any major negative response on Snakewater before, but I suppose the day had to come… I feel like the maps being played are solely decided by how fun people think they are – if people enjoy playing pcws and officials on a map it will stay in the rotation; and thus far it seems like people enjoy Quay more than ever Snakewater (mostly due to the problematic last point). But anyone who knows me knows I’m more than happy to go back and revise when I receive feedback, and as a matter of fact I’ve made some secret changes to Snakewater in the past few months. If players still enjoy the map, I’m more than happy to keep updating it if need be. To answer your question more directly – Quay isn’t a new Snakewater, but I hope it can bring something different to the current map pool if people like it!

VanillaTF2.org: You’ve been working on this map for over a year with mostly positive reviews by its players. Any idea when the final version will be out?

choiie: I will keep updating the map as long as there is interest in it and people bring up things that need fixing – after three years, I don’t even consider Snakewater fully finished. I still feel like there’s a lot of work to do with Quay, so I’d give it a couple of months – and a lot of playtesting – until I’m happy enough to call it “_final”.

VanillaTF2.org: In tonight’s broadcast, what should we keep an eye on regarding your map? Any sneaky spots or special tactics on certain points?

choiie: I think the biggest novelty will be how the second point is positioned – if teams don’t deal with the lobby area properly they’re gonna have to deal with a proper barrage while capturing from both the lower lobby and the balcony. I’ve taken this to a bit of an extreme with the “Ramp Room” so close to the point, and during playtesting the reception has been a bit mixed on this area. Hopefully we’ll see if teams find out how to deal with this!

So join us tonight from 20:00CEST onwards, with Pledge and Skully on the mics and AnimaL on stream!