Hildreth – So another season, another unbeaten streak for SNSD, another 30 points out of 30 for the four time league and cup champions of European Highlander. Their closest contenders and opponents for this season are DAROUTOUTOU, the colossal French community team, starring some of the best French TF2 players in all positions, but even their flair and exciting lineup was no match for  SNSD on the week 5 clash on Gravel Pit, with SNSD taking both rounds convincingly and securing a maximum of 6 points. The Frenchies however showed the kind of form that says they are no pushovers, beating every other team and taking 2nd place, and managed to fight their way through the Playoff game versus Parrot Gapers in a 3 map victory. Tomorrow night, Sunday 12th May at 20 CET, DA! have the chance to make history and dethrone the still unbeaten  SNSD in the final, tune in to TeamFortress.tv stream with Hildreth, Jake from BlackOut Gaming on the microphone along with Jon on the stream.

eu SNSD Buttnose, Droso, Kaidus, Linus, ALX, CUBE, TheSucker, Tviq, Hurri


DAROUTOUTOU fr Daff, Plapla, T-Mac, Degun, Exon, Tek, Mista, k3, Flippy

ETF2L Highlander Premiership Grand Final
  • Sunday May 12th
  • 20:00 cest
  • 14:00 edt (na)
  • 06:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • SNSD (63%, 25 Votes)
  • DAROUTOUTOU (38%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

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All along the whiteboard for their 5 matches this season, it looks fairly routine for the Korean pop stars, brushing aside a restructured Colony team on Upward’s in TeamFortress.TV’s first (and so far only) European Highlander cast. Spanish amigos 27 got the same treatment on Badwater before  SNSD got their only real test of the season, squeezing out a narrow victory on Gullywash and Lakeside against Parrot Gapers, taking Gullywash 2-1 and a really intense Lakeside battle 3-2. The rest of the season though, the champions never looked back, beating Legolas’ Wrath on Barnblitz and that unmovable performance against DAROUTOUTOU on Gravel Pit, putting them in the Grand Final tomorrow.

DA!’s performances have been great in all but one match against the European giants, but their star studded lineup containing the likes of Flippy on Sniper, Exon on Demoman, Tek on Heavy, Kustom3 on Medic, T-Mac on Soldier and Daff on Spy shows there is enough talent on paper to topple the champions, but it is the teamwork factor that comes into play, and the HL experience that SNSD have in comparison which makes DA! the firm underdogs.

I managed to get a quick word with SNSD captain and Soldier Linus and DA! Sniper Flippy with their thoughts ahead of the game this weekend:


Me: Congrats on another unbeaten season, it was relatively straight forward but Parrot Gapers really tested you in Week 3 didn’t they?

Linus: Thanks! Yeah, the Parrot Gapers game was probably the best non-finale game we’ve ever played. It was mainly the maps that enabled that game to be so damn close I’d say – PG doesn’t really practice much, but you don’t really need much practice on a koth and 5cp map when you have a team full of high level 6s players. It was a fantastic game, I wish more people could’ve seen it.

Me: So do you think DA! pose a threat or was it perhaps a bad map for them when you faced them on Gpit, in my eyes it was one of the best performances I’d seen from your team?

Linus: Well… the game we had against DA! was one of our best performances for sure. We’ve come up with some really cool stuff for gravelpit, especially for holding B – we felt really prepared and strong on it. It was just an easy game. But I highly doubt it will be just as easy in the finals.

Me: How much difference does your rigorous practise schedule make?

Linus: Well, basically I keep saying: you either do it properly or don’t do it at all. There’s no real reason to play highlander unless you want to take it at least semi-seriously. And practicing enables us to have a bad day, and still manage to win games – which can’t be said about a lot of other teams in premiership. The thing is though, we have obviously been playing together for years now – both in highlander, and 6s in several different teams – so coming together a few times a week isn’t really “forced” if you know what I mean – it’s all fun and laughs, and in the meantime we manage to keep our track record in officials consistent.

Me: Assuming SNSD win, will we see you guys in season 5?

Linus: The outcome of the game doesn’t matter to us – we will be playing season 5, yes. As I’ve said we just have fun playing together, so there’s very little reason to drop the tradition. However let me use this opportunity to announce that everyone’s favourite heavy, ALX is going to be leaving us after the grand final. It’s only him, myself and Hurri that’s been playing since the start, so it’s definitely going to be a big loss, but unfortunately he has grown tired of TF2.

 Me: A sad day for TF2, any ideas on a possible replacement?

Linus: Well… next season will be an interesting one – we have actually been thinking about this for a while, but with ALX gone there might be class changes. Let’s just say TheSucker doesn’t enjoy medicing anymore and I would feel comfortable maincalling from a position where I’m not constantly rocketjumping and dying – as for adding a replacement – well, let’s just say I heard Thalash’ ban is expiring soon…


That was SNSD’s Linus giving us the scoop, including the announcement of ALX’s retirement from TF2, how that will effect the team tomorrow and in the future, I don’t know. Now onto the word with Flippy from DA!, who was kind enough to give his best attempt at English to answer some questions:


Me: Congratulations on making the Final and beating Parrot Gapers, it looked like you might slip up when you lose Upward’s but you came back in style…

Flippy: We did that for the crowd. Nah it was quite unlucky for us, we didn’t expect that and like you said, we came back on focusing and it worked

Me: Going into the game vs SNSD, how confident are you? Before the Gpit game, everyone was hopeful of an upset but they played really well and beat you, does that affect you in any way?

Flippy: Well, few times ago we played SNSD and we get wrecked, like on the official. We didn’t expect nothing less from them. I wasnt that much confident to play on a such map like gpit I believe it could have been different on another map and well, we’re of course glad that people believes in us but we hope that we will not disappoint our fellow “fans.”

Me: What do you credit to your performances this season, you have made light work of the rest of Prem.

Flippy: I guess the thing that made us make a difference in prem is that we almost all have experience in 6v6 plus we’re really motivated and beating SNSD would be a big plus for us, we would like to beat them and show that they are not that much invincible but it’s gonna be tough! In terms of individual skill we have some really good players; Exon is a huge damage dealing demo like Kaidus, Tek is maybe one of the best heavy in Prem now, we all have that little thing that can make the change in a game, I guess that makes us special.

Me: What differences does it make having Daff in the team as Spy, a lot of people will look at the game and see him as one of the major strengths you have?

Flippy: Before that, we had onv playing spy, for some dark reasons we had to let him go and pick up Daff as he was the best choice. We played many and many games together, especially during the nations cup, he is a lovely guy and he became one of us really quickly. Like I said, we all have something to bring for the team, and Daff is indeed one of us that can shout on mumble: “Medic and heavy down” so yeah, he’s definitely one to watch!

Thanks  to both players for giving some thoughts ahead of the final, tune in to TeamFortress.tv tomorrow, Sunday 12th May at 20 CET for the game casted by myself, Jake with streamer Jon, both from the emerging BlackOut Gaming. After the game, there will be the NA v EU showmatch between Epsilon and High Rollers Gaming on the same channel, casted by cbear, Greg with Comedian taking up the camera duties.