CanFo — The Electronic Sports Association (ESA) is proud to finally announce its launch! The ESA is a new competitive tournament website, which will feature some of the most popular eSports titles throughout Europe. One of the opening titles among Quake Live, Dota 2 and Counterstrike: Global Offensive is Team Fortress 2.

The unique model revolves around providing skill balanced, free entry and pay to play tournaments within a dynamic ranking system. In a transparent model the ESA recycle user subscriptions into free tournaments organised and managed by ESA to provide cash prizes for each level of skill. The proposed structure, which balances quantity and quality, ensures more people receive a fair cash prize. ESA pay all prize money instantly into the users’ online accounts, giving gamers real money to make money in the pay to play arenas.

ESA have reviewed the way a traditional ladder system works. Players/teams no longer have to specifically challenge each other to participate and climb the rankings. ESA use match data from all structured tournaments to keep the system flowing. In addition, teams are able to challenge one-another for free and are able to set a wager for the game, if desired.

As part of the premium package, ESA have included a whole host of features which allow players to play in multiple teams and create grouped/microsite profiles for their multi-gaming teams, displaying their sponsors, streams and social media with more features to follow. ESA have included an electric money system into their inventory of powerful services, which allow players and teams to send prize money to one-another without the need of external financial services, creating a real clan pay philosophy to online esports.

ESA have formulated a ‘Prize Distribution Promise’ which directs how the subscription revenue is divided between skill levels and tournaments and allows up to 32 participants to receive a cash prize from individual tournaments.

To help build momentum, the ESA have devised a reciprocal promise for the opening months of operation. The ESA promise to recycle every penny of every subscription into tournaments. A measly 250 subscribers will provide a whopping online prize pool of £1250, which looks even more in dollars. In addition, ESA promise to give a £2000 bonus tournament for every 2000 subscribers we get for the game. If either game accumulates 4000 subscribers, the total prize pool for that game will be £24,000 (per month).

As we are in early beta, the Team Fortress 2 community is one of the first to sample our new services fresh out of alpha testing. There may be bugs and occasionally things may go wrong, however, we value your feedback and aim to have problems resolved in quick succession. The early beta version provides a good representation of how we intend to move forward. As we grow and refine our services, you will be glad to know we’ve got more moves up our sleeves to add to the flavour of what we’re doing here. If the ESA do not deliver what we promise, you have every right to cancel your subscription.

A possible setup for the first tournament in July has already been drafted out by the experienced admin team of Sonny Black and myself ( CanFo). The final schedule is depending on the number of subscriptions and will be released in late June. The ESA will be the first platform in Europe to adapt the setup of 2 halves per match (also known as “The North American Ruleset”) and will feature all the popular maps and unlockables. The ESA also grant the Team Fortress 2 community the possibility to run fun tournaments (e.g. BBall, Ultiduo) with prize pools on a regular basis, if the interest is high enough.

For any questions, please ask in the comments or in the ESA IRC channel (#esa on Quakenet).

Register now and stay tuned for what is yet to come!