Arie — After a long and rather succesful run, it looks like the EU TF2 team of Crack Clan is no more. The team name on ETF2L was changed to Zaibatsu, the Crack Clan CEO was removed as a leader and the active players detagged.

Teamleader  ipz confirmed that the team is no longer playing under the Crack Clan banner and that they’re looking for a new org. He denied their search for a new organisation is due to a lack of funding/LAN support from Crack Clan.

A VanillaTF2 spy birdy already told us  Zaibatsu is in contact with an organisation, unfortunately the bird has no Dignity and reFused to name the cool team out of fear of being k1cked by its Fnatical owner. Regardless of  Zaibatsu finding a new sponsor in time, they will be attending i49.

 Crack Clan had the following to say about the European team leaving:

On the whole Crack Clan have been really happy with the prem team, however it’s recently become apparent that now is a suitable time to part ways. Crack Clan are by no means out of e-sports but we need an evaluation time to decide the best way to move forward. We wish the ex-cc team the very best in the lead up to i49 and will be rooting for them no matter what. The CC Youtube will continue to make great content but with a host of guest commentators and features; stay tuned!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the American Crack Clan team is also no longer part of the organisation and is now known as Immortal 6, a name you might recognize, they joined Crack Clan less than 3 months ago.

Former  Crack Clan Yellow player CranCarry had this to say:

We, as a team, thought it would be best to just step down because we couldnt provide the things they were asking for. an example of that would be them asking us to making a frag video for cc.  in all honesty, between scrims and school/work/hobbies outside of gaming, we simply could not find the time to go through all of our demos and get ticks to provide an editor info to make it. We planned to do so, but scrims, esea, everything else in between it was just asking too much too soon from us

So where does this leave Crack Clan? They’ve been a big name in our little scene for a while, especially their latest premiership team. We’ve seen the team stream with comms, demo packs, team configs and youtube videos, they can’t provide those things without an actual team, so will they try to find a new premiership level TF2 team? ipz has said he’ll continue to release videos about competitive play on this channel, so it looks like you won’t have to wait long for your fix of lame hiding spot videos.

In my opinion, any team would be lucky to pick these guys up, good luck to  Zaibatsu with finding the right organisation for them!