Arie — Effective immediately, Zaibatsu is joining Infused. The Infused organisation is no stranger to TF2, their previous team played 3 seasons in ETF2L, ending up 2nd, 1st and 3rd respectively. That team folded after i46 (*DARN SMASH*) and Infused did not pick up another TF2 team.


But now they’re back, and they’re giving the team formerly known as Zaibatsu the support they deserve, including LAN support. According to team leader  ipz, Infused had the best offer and the best understanding of what their team could bring to the organisation and vice versa.
We can expect the same insights, demo reviews and tips from ipz under the Infused banner now, and who knows what other hoops their new corporate overlords will send them through.

So congratz to Zaibatsu and congratz to Infused! Give that organisation some love with a tweet or a like to show your appreciation for an organisation picking up a TF2 team!

Tomorrow you can see the new Team Infused participate in the ESA cup again, VanillaTV will be covering that tournament for the fourth week in a row so make sure to tune in!