Arie — In their quest to find more suckers to mine bitcoins for them, ESEA is spreading its wings to Europe. Besides providing heating for your apartment in the winter months, the ESEA client also functions as an anti-cheat program and a general client for league stuff.

The last time the EU scene was forced to use an anti-cheat client, it didn’t go so well, and the last time the EU scene tried to get behind a pay-to-play league, it didn’t go so well either. Will this time be different? That will be up to us Jurpeans, here’s some community member reactions so far:

AnimaL: hahah this is hilarious move considering how bad ESA failed at their pay 2 play tournaments in eu

ipz: I support this idea so much! I would like to help if anything is needed! OHGMAWD maybe we can safe EU tf2

CanFo: This would be a great thing. I’m just wondering how many people would actually pay the entry fee + premium to participate. I certainly will, if my team is in.

Oupa: More pc’s to mine bitcoins?

So sign up you freeloaders!