Beta & Arie It’s that time of year again, the time when your pockets are empty from the countless fundraising schemes having taken place and when you have been enjoying the great weather for once in the UK.

Of course with the summer coming to end, this means only one thing… the Multiplay Insomnia Series event taking place in Telford, UK.  This time around we are in the 49th edition of the event with over 2800 BYOC players in attendance.

We here at VanillaTV are proud to be associated and picked as coverage partners for this event, so we thought why not share some of the plans we have in place for you at home and at the event to enjoy all weekend long.

The Schedule

First off, the TF2 tournament schedule.

Friday - Group stage19:0020:002pm04:00
Saturday - Knockout stage10:0011:005am19:00
Sunday - Finals16:0017:0011am01:00

Our broadcasts will obviously based on these tournament times, so make sure to tune in at those times for our casts!

The Goodies

So there has been a lot of rumours circulating about our potential arsenal of goodies, you might have seen Bones streaming the ozzies for example.  We are pleased to say that we are packing some heat this year and a lot of time has been invested by some of our team members into giving you a better show.  The best thing is, this is absolutely free to you and will no doubt help make this our best LAN coverage yet.

Interview Area – Thanks to some investment from our resident Pro Videographer / School IT Technician we will have a dedicated interview area this year.  This area will be placed to the side of the casting stage, with a rather large special addition helping us do some extra fancy stuff.  I won’t ruin the surprise so you will have to tune in or come visit us to see it in action, it’s one not to be missed!

This interview area will be live on our stream by a flick of a switch, no delays and no down time!

We have a long list of our potential targets for interviews but please also share anyone you would like to see interviewed and why that is the case.

Going Pro – That’s right, we will have at least 2 Go-Pros this year available to use for anything we deem necessary.  Whether this is to check out Arx’s haircut or to just look at the crowd, we haven’t decided yet! The fact is, the more visual appliances we have, the more it is enjoyable for you

Wireless Microphones – We have a set of wireless microphones for on the spot interviewing with players, public and fans alike.  These bad boys have a range of around 500 meters and the quality is fantastic – we won’t miss anything.  You never know, we might just come and ask you for your thoughts when you’re in the queue for the bar.

Live Damage Stats – As you have seen throughout the year, we will have the live damage stats available to us at i49.  These will be avilable from the group stages all the way through the tournament

Flat screens – Think you missed something last year?  This year we have use of 2 large flatscreen TV’s for the audience pleasure :)

Teams Attending

As is widely known now, we will be having a ‘Top 8’ group that will fight it out to decide their seeds in the knockout stages of the competition.

We are yet to receive confirmation of whom the 7th & 8th place will be awarded to, though the current contenders are: SOLAR Mix, Did I Sutter, Furbo Pandas & Elemental Violence

Epsilon eSports Knoxxx Mike Gear numlocked Stefan Bash
Broder Mirelin Zebbosai Jukebox Ryb bybben cookye
Infused 2nuts ipz- T-Mac kaidus smzi TviQ
High Rollers Gaming Shade Lansky Taggerung B4nny Shrugger cyzer
iMmunity Bonobo Yuki Aporia Bulk Antwa Sheep
Frenchies K3 Captainhax Tek Exon Flippy Plapla


So what are your options to follow this amazing event? Well, there’s quite a few actually! We’re casting the entire event of course, both on our main channel and our secondary stream. On the streaming front we’re expecting quite a few players to stream live from the event, so keep an eye on the sidebar here or on teamfortress.tv for those.

If you live in the twitterverse, it’s probably best to follow the hashtag #i49TF2, we’ll be using that in all our posts.

KritzKast will be doing all kind of things during the entire event, helped by our old amigo Comedian, they had this to add:

We’re carrying on the tradition of covering the iSeries LAN from the inside with interviews and observations of community leaders, team players and the great unwashed (yeah we know you’re going to abandon personal hygene for the weekend) masses.
Hit up our special i49 website for everything and subscribe to twitter, FaceBook and YouTube for updates as they drop.

Their first video is up here.

Besides KritzKast there’s also a whole bunch of other youtube channels by players and spectators, which we’ll be adding here later.

The Crew

I imagine most of you will have a rough idea of who is going to be there from VanillaTV but to set the record straight and give them the recognition they deserve, I have listed all of our staff members & friends below that will be in attendance.  Alongside our 17 staff  members!! we will have some special guest casters – some of whom you will be familiar with:

Casters Arx Beta Byte Mia Pognon Skully
Guest casters A_spec nvc Pyrion Flax Salamancer
Stream production Arie atmo BoneS DavidTheWin huhy Lange Rinta
Film crew and interviews Anders Arie BoneS Byte CUBE Beta


Until Friday – enjoy the PCWs and let’s get a European team on that finals stage!

We will be on site from Thursday morning, so if you’re there early, please come and say hi.  We are hoping for a fantastic weekend of TF2 and we hope that you will help us make that happen!