Arie — Fresh from the rumour mill during last night’s cast, reported by both Admirable and Mr. T:

Epsilon is tired of losing to Kaidus’ gang of misfits, BFF, and has decided to take it out on their freshly recruited demoman HYS.


This is the chatlog between HYS and Mr. L

HYS: lol epsi removed me
HYS: because we lost to you
HYS: we played once this week
HYS: and only twice last week
HYS: funny shit :D
Mr. L: wtf
Mr. L: why
HYS: they think the reason they are shit
HYS: is me
HYS: they forgt
HYS: bash play shit last season
HYS: and that they got Raymon who is incapable of positioning himself
HYS: its pretty stupid
HYS: but i will quit the game now


And some beef between Mr. L and KnoXxX
Mr. L: why you kick HYS
Epsilon KnOxXx: go suck your sister u
Epsilon KnOxXx: !
Epsilon KnOxXx: i’m not your friend anymore
Mr. L: I don’t have a sister, monsieur knoxxx
Epsilon KnOxXx: ok
Epsilon KnOxXx: so go fuck your dogh
Epsilon KnOxXx: dog
Epsilon KnOxXx: no to be serious
Epsilon KnOxXx: i don’t gonna say anything about that
Epsilon KnOxXx: cu
Mr. L: what’s the problem brah
Mr. L: what’s wrong with you


Will Numlocked rejoin his former team? Our little birdies spotted him talking to the team. Or is WARHURYEAH going to get another go in EU’s finest (?) team? Thoughts? Rumours we missed? Comment below.


Both WARHURYEAH and Mr. T inform us that Mike will switch to demo and GeaR will return to play soldier.