It was all a very basic idea. The share quantity of TF2 coverage was missing. Not from the lack of interest, but from the barriers that prevented coming or existing authors from providing that sought after coverage. The idea was to lower those barriers. Rather a few bad posts, than none at all.

The blog is open for anyone to contribute, in an easy and familiar manner: WordPress. There’s no applications, no knowledge of coding needed. You can just register an account, and type away. A moderator will check your post’s authenticity, and publish it swiftly. If you don’t sign it with your name or nickname, we will. More info can be found in the Guidelines.

(For the record, all info on this site will be open, and can be used in any articles on other sites)


These people (and no one else) will be able to see who wrote what, post drafts and edit everything else in this site.

Torden – Editor
Skyride – Administrator
Admirable – Content Administrator
Youngblood – Content Administrator

Arie – Server administrator
F2 – Developer

 Byte – Content Administrator, Head of VanillaTV
Trell – Content Administrator, Deputy Manager of VanillaTV

Retired heroes:
Weqo, JimmyBreeze, Dave, ShoX, Abhorrence,  DeNeusbeer, Martn,  Jimbomcb


Spawned May 26th 2011, the lovechild of a TF2tv/ETF2Lradio/VanillaTF2 threeway extraordinaire. Vanillatv is led by Byte and Trell, a platform that strives to extend our ideology of lowering the structural barriers for anyone to contribute within casting esport matches, beyond the borders of high/low level games. The core challenge lies in making a clear distinction when delivering prime, or open ended content.

The opening looked like this. The task force team is as follows:


  •  Byte – Content Administrator, Head of VanillaTV
  • Trell – Content Administrator, Deputy Manager of VanillaTV, Advisor
  • Comedian – Stream Director, Technical, Open Mic, Co-caster
  • SeriousCat – Technical
  • CUBE – Video/YouTube
  • fainT – Content writer, Match organiser
  • Crasp – Content writer, Advisor


  • Acidrenix – Main caster
  • Beta – Co-caster

Honourary Members:

  • Sal – Caster

Retired Heros:

Airon nTraum,   Nvc Xerxes Shrike Leftism,  Skyride, Chaplain, CommanderX,  Kaidus,  ThePledge

Self-publishing authors

These fine people have proven themselves trustworthy by contributing several well written and edited posts. Note that these cannot publish your posts, you need an administrator to do that.

  • Atmo
  • Blorg
  • Drosophile
  • Dunc
  • Galant
  • Hippole
  • Huumba
  • Kaidus
  • NerdZone
  • Psunfragga
  • Seeker
  • Snowie (ETF2L)
  • Valk (ozfortress)
  • Hildreth
  • Fog
  • Pensioned:
  • Atty
  • DearJohnCarter


Proving themselves worthy through work at other sites, these fine people can also publish their own articles, or articles on behalf of their respective site.

  • eXtv (media)
  • Extine
  • Pubcomp
  • Trent 

All the best,
Sivert “Torden” Bakkeng