The Complete Guide to Streaming TF2


October 25th Feature

Skyride — Hey guys, as some of you may know I tend to handle the majority of what goes on behind the scenes in the technical side of VanillaTV. The quality of our streams, often these days the overlays, the scoreboard are all things I’ve worked on. However the last ~6 months or so I’ve been trying to get right down to the nitty gritty of streaming technologies. I’ve done a huge amount of testing and investigation on all the software available, I’ve been trying to push player streams here in Europe for a few months now, and I’ve sat down with dozens of streamers and got them sorted.

With the recent release of OBS, I thought this would be the perfect time to sit down and write a proper ground-up guide on it.

You can find over here on my own blog. It covers using OBS in combination with Dxtory (which is the the best way to configure a stream to play on), and the fall back of using OBS alone. I’ve also explained in detail how to correctly configure it, tweak it to get the best performance/stream quality, and a huge number of things you can troubleshoot if you are having issues.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them either here on VanillaTF2 or over on my blog, I’ll be checking and replying to both. Cheers!

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ABC Tuesday – Quarantine vs Epsilon eSports


October 16th Commentary
Tagged: ABC Tuesday Arx & Beta Comedian

Beta — Tonight we are happy to bring you another instalment of ABC Tuesday with yet another ETF2L S13 Premiership Game!

It’s been some time since we have had a Premiership games on a Tuesday let alone consecutive nights.  Is there something currently in the water? OR is this a sign of believing “Monday & Tuesday are too early in the PCW week for games” are coming to end?

Whatever you believe, tonight Arx, Beta, Comedian are on hand to bring you  Quarantine vs Epsilon eSports

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ABC Tuesday – ETF2L Prem Qualifier – Naughty Badmen vs Chinese Mafia


September 11th Commentary
Tagged: ABC Tuesday Arx & Beta Comedian

Beta — After roughly a month break, ABC Tuesday returns tonight to bring you the second round of the ETF2L Premiership Qualifiers.

Tonight we will see Naughty Badmen vs Chinese Mafia for a chance to face off against our winners from last night uV Gaming.  The winner of tonights game will have 1 hand on the only available premiership spot with the loser joining Division 1.

Being September and football season, this game will be at an earlier than usual 20 CEST / 19 BST – So don’t be late!

eu Naughty Badmen Si, T0da, Larsa, Haunter, Coinz, Kiler4fun

Naughty Badmen

(-.(-.(-.-).-).-) europeanunion quad, evokje, Gubbins, HarderThanYouThink, Raliator, ups

ETF2L Premiership Qualifiers
  • Tuesday September 11th
  • 20:00 cest
  • 14:00 edt (na)
  • 06:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Naughty Badmen (50%, 20 Votes)
  • (-.(-.(-.-).-).-) (50%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

Loading ... Loading ...

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Introducing: Quarantine


August 19th Feature

ShoX — Bored of me yet? With a mixture of long standing team mates and the scraps from Team Infused in the shape of Boomeh, Greg and most recently Mike team Quarantine are attending LAN with the intention of putting the cat among the pigeons. With Boomeh’s sudden change of heart regarding LAN and Mike’s recent and controversial exit from his former team I thought it’d be good to throw a few questions their way.

After the jump we hear from Mike and Kritzonite about all things i46, who they think they’ll beat, how much Mike would love to beat Infused and why they don’t think LG will be able to compete for the top spot.

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Introducing: Team Infused


August 17th Feature

ShoX — (Credit: WAR for the majority of the questions) . We’re over the half way line with our Introducing: series of articles where we aim to bring you a mildly amusing look into the ePsyche of some of i46’s most prolific players and provide you with a window into their (often disturbing) world. I caught up with numlocked from Infused (no one wanted another dunc rant, right?) and attempted to wrangle some drama out of him.

Finally, I get to interview an Englishman. How’s life at Infused these days?

Life’s good. Everything’s really chilled and we’re all working towards the same goal (winning lan, obviously), which is a major improvement on how we used to be – everything was far too tense and we weren’t getting the results we wanted to get

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Introducing: Classic Mixup


August 15th Feature

ShoX — Holy interviews, Batman! War and I have been working our penises off pinning down the leaders of as many of the top teams as we can ahead of i46. Flying the flag for USA today is PYYYOUR from Classic Mixup.

Welcome, Sir! Could you give our readers a bit of background into your team?

Classic Mixup is a gathering of close online friends who have been trying to be on the same team for quite some time. A gathering of new and old, Classic Mixup offers talent and skill from the North American Team Fortress 2 competitive community. Platinum and Enigma have been together for a number of seasons. TLR has also been on Harbleu and Platinum’s teams in the past. They are all good buds. Couple that with the bromance of PYYYOUR and ruwin and you have got one pretty nasty deathsquad.

Free cookies for those who read more*

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Introducing: TCM-Gaming


August 13th Feature

WAR — We continue our pre-i46 team interviews today; in the hot seat today is the man/myth/legend (delete as applicable) Byte-me, who’s leading another incarnation of TCM-Gaming into iSeries with high expectations. Let’s begin…

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