i49 by the Numbers


August 30th i49
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Gentleman Jon — Now that the dust has settled on the greatest international tournament in TF2 history, and as an interested observer, I thought I would add a little bit of depth by analysing the data from the logs (made easy by collating all the links, thanks Kaneco & co) by looking at the performances of the 8 seeded teams in more detail using a custom log parser and collating all their data together. I apologise to EV, but as we shall see not every member of the team should hang their head in shame, just most of them.

The logs analysed are from the invite group stage and the knockout rounds. As each team played a varied number of maps I’ve usually looked at per-minute stats as the fairest way to present data.

In this article I’m mostly looking at damage and healing, so without further ado….

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i49 grand final VOD


August 30th Announcement

Arie — It’s finally here, the grand final VOD!

Thanks califax for paying attention.

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i49 day 2 and 3 VODs


August 28th Announcement
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Arie — It’s done, all the i49 match VODs have been published on our YouTube channel. The grand final is absent of course, since that was broadcast on Multiplay’s channel and will be released by them. But all the rest of it is available in 30 glorious videos the last one being the amazing “TF2 song” as performed by none other than Arx on the ukulele. Personally, I’m rather proud of the content we produced during this awesome weekend, enjoy!

If you’re missing any epic moments you saw on stream, let us know in the comments and we might VOD those still :)

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i49: The Good, Bad and Best LAN


August 27th Announcement
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Byte — With every LAN there is a aura of what things went well and some things that didn’t succeed so much. This LAN being the biggest LAN to date in relation to top TF2 teams coming across the globe, we should take a step back and see what was delivered and what wasn’t.

The attendance was slightly less than last years, but the main thing that stood out was the amount of top teams entering, and along with where they have come from. HRG coming from America and Team Immunity all the way from Australia, not to mention the top four European teams coming down:
frenchies, Infused, TCM (aka Broder), Epsilon E-sports. This made it a heavy boxing fight for the title, but also let’s not forget the other teams competing who have come to play for fun, major part of TF2 at any i-series.

TF2 Fans!

TF2 Fans!

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i49 VODs, day 1


August 27th i49
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Arie — With i49 over, I finally have time to actually watch the matches. All the day 1 VODs have now been released on our youtube channel and they’re in a youtube playlist for your convenience.

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i49 and why we love TF2.


August 26th Feature
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beach — Having got back from LAN pretty late last night, I was still taking in the events of an amazing weekend that ended in European victory (owned, America/Australia). The TF2 Community has once again pulled off an amazing effort to get HRG, TCM-Gaming/broder, Team Immunity and the Frenchies to LAN by contributing their own hard-earned cash to various fundraising campaigns.

And what a LAN it has been: after a shaky week of PCWs (probably due to BoneS’ shoddy PCs…) Team Immunity surprised many fans of TF2 by putting up a great fight against the best the rest of the world had to offer, beating HRG during the Invite Group stage, along with TCM-Gaming and a struggling Team Infused. It was during this game that I started to realise how much of a great LAN this would turn out to be: the Americans were showing that they weren’t untouchable, leaving the top prize very much open for any of the top 4 teams to claim. We also saw Epsilon eSports continue their domination of TF2 since this time last year by not losing a single game throughout the group stages, and indeed until the Grand Final they were again yet to lose a single map. Even the lower groups stages for us noobs were somewhat more exciting: we no longer had to waste the pros’ time by standing in their way for 10 minutes and could give getting into the knockouts a real shot, as opposed to resigning to the fact that “oh, Epsilon are in our group along with that pretty good Div 1-2 mix, we’re out already”.

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i49 All European Grand Final!


August 25th i49
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beach — The Americans have fallen, leaving Epsilon eSports and TCM-Gaming (broder) to battle it out in the Grand Final of i49 in Telford, in just under two hours’ time.

eu Epsilon eSports knoxxx, gear, mike, schocky, bash, numlocked

Epsilon eSports

TCM-Gaming eu mirelin, zebbosai, jukebox, cookye, bybben, ryb

i-series i49 Grand Final
  • Sunday August 25th
  • 17:00 cest
  • 11:00 edt (na)
  • 03:00 est (aus)
  • No cast information available
  • No source tv information available

Who will win this match?

  • Epsilon eSports (67%, 36 Votes)
  • TCM-Gaming (33%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 54

Loading ... Loading ...

After an incredibly tense 3-map victory against High Rollers Gaming, can TCM-Gaming carry on with this momentum and defeat Epsilon, who have dominated European TF2 since this time last year? Jukebox displayed a very impressive performance as sniper on Gullywash in particular, so if he can repeat this performance, Epsilon may find themselves with a closer game than they might be expecting.

The match will be live on the Multiplay Stream (not VanillaTV!!!) at 16.00 BST / 17.00 CEST / 11.00 EDT / 01.00 AEST.



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