ETF2L Season 18 Week 1 Premiership Rockit vs BFF – VanillaTV


May 27th News
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Beta — Tonight we see the only remaining game of ETF2L’s Premiership week 1 games between rockit and BFF. Each team has had problems with availability as of late but we now finally have something agreed upon.

Both teams have played 1 game in this season so far, with both teams already picking up some points. A key fact could be that rockit previously lost on Gullywash, albeit on via a Golden Cap. BFF on the other hand took the maximum 3 points the last time this map made an appearance, though it may have been closer than the 3-1 score line suggests.

Tonight also marks the first time Arx and Beta have made a return to the microphones, which has been approximately 8 months in the making. Arie will be on stream tonight, doing the hard work, so make sure to tune in and give him some appreciation.

We will go live with the stream at 8pm BST, that’s 21 CET for our European listeners and 1515hrs EST for our friends across the pond.

Make sure you tune in to not miss out!

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ETF2L S18 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 1
  • Tuesday May 27th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)
  • No source tv information available

Who will win this match?

  • BFF (80%, 4 Votes)
  • rockit (20%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 5

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TF2 by the Numbers – ETF2L Season 17 Review


April 29th News

Gentleman Jon — It already seems like an irrelevance with the sudden onset of Season 18 but I’m doing the Season 17 Prem stats review anyway, to commemorate the brief existence of a non-Epsilon world if nothing else. We’ll have the usual array of barely supportable hyperbole and the shocking revelation of who is the best demoman of Season 17. Well, there’s a joke in there and the joke of the statistical truth as well (which is as good as a lie of course), which faux philosophical rambling leads me to….

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Spectator Tools Plugin


April 24th News

Gentleman Jon — I’ve released an STV spectator tools plugin that I’ll be maintaining here

It does stuff like this:

And a minimap as well. Comments/suggestions/etc are all welcome.

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ETF2L S17 Grand Final


April 10th News

Arie — Grand finals blablabla, better not be a boring roll like S16! Go watch it at

TF2 is dead, Byte no longer forever 3rd. VODS of the entire tragedy below:

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TF2 by the Numbers – Season 17 Playoffs Round 2 AWS vs TLR


April 1st News

Gentleman Jon — The first fallers of the playoff race are Dotter, edged out by a head in a closely contested tie by Awsomniac. The Frenchies had impressive performances all round with most team members buffing their season stats so far, but they’ll need to find even more in the tank going up against the KnOxXx inspired TLR in the semi-final this week.

TLR have had a chaotic season, Hys’s pre season injury resulted in the surprise recruitment and equally ruthless sacking of Gubbins, and the Mais La Moule meltdown coincided with Rising’s injury allowing them to snap up TF2 mastermind KnOxXx. Team leader Hys may reflect on the sequence of events that have led the team to apparently become even stronger as a blessing in disguise, but even so he might want to consider an alternative to the brutal limb-snapping team training regime for next season.

In a final twist this will be Kiler’s last game this season win or lose, so should they make the final the identity of their last scout will remain a mystery and of course will be subject to MIG’s sportsmanship.

But that’s for the future (if they make it), of immediate concern is how the two teams match up. During the regular season TLR won convincingly with a big margin on Granary but only narrowly on Snakewater 3-2. Despite having a talented and experienced soldier pair Awsomniac (in their various guises) have long struggled on Granary and this season was no exception also losing the map to Ayo Gurl.

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It certainly doesn’t look like Sweet Harmony in Prem


March 29th News

SuddenlyStarMia — What better catalyst is there for a new article than fresh drama? With Highlander interest in the EU reaching higher levels (article to come out later), and Prem being a hotbed of upsets this season while we are only three weeks in! It has rejuvenated my motivation for writing gossip articles, and it’s time to recap it for the first half of the season. I apologise in advance for unintentionally upsetting any players or teams with my awful puns.

killed switch

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ETF2L Highlander Season 6 – Premiership Preview


March 4th Announcement
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Hildreth — Who would have thought this time last year when SNSD were adding shelves to their growing trophy cabinet that India would be the new superpower in European Highlander? Well I may be perhaps exaggerating the influence of the sub-continent country but alas, a team bearing the international flag with their long standing esteemed nayak Pancake took the ETF2L crown and established themselves as the current best team in Europe. I am of course talking about Kill Switch who claimed this accolade with a win over Highpander in a DDOS affected Final and earning themselves a hefty 500 Euros to convert into rupees and pay their multi-national roster. 3rd placed side Itsallgood arguably gave Kill Switch a harder game than the final itself as they narrowly lost the regular season playoff match with the champions, earning a respectable bronze whilst former champions DAROUTOUTOU and SNSD came 4th and 5th respectively. Former runners-up Parrot Gapers dropped after one match whilst, Legolas were relegated via playoffs losing to Division  1 runners-up Stacked who finished behind Chessclub Techniques, both securing a Premiership spot for this season. Finally Sookie Doing Work, finishing 6th place did secure themselves another season in the top flight however amid some roster troubles they have folded and this leaves one spot available in the Premiership for Season 6.

So there you have a quick recap of Season 5 and how it impacts season 6’s proceeding, ultimately we have seen a rise in a “new generation” of teams in Europe with some of the old guard being knocked off the top and the rest being succumbed to history. The result of this is nothing short of fantastic, as between seasons we have seen the new established top teams building, the former champions reshaping their rosters to rise back to glory and new additions to Prem coming in with ambitions beyond avoiding relegation. To make up the numbers, the newest addition to ETF2L Prem is a challenge like no other for our resident European teams, the challenge of the Americans in the form of current UGC Platinum leaders  Electric Temptations putting out a side to try and snatch the intercontinental cash monies. Speaking of money, the prizes they are all fighting over will be a €1000 prizepool thanks to another anonymous donation (this league is floating with charitable rich sponsors) and courtesy of TteSports by Thermaltake, nine sexy Tt BLACK Gaming Mice will be won and handed out to the winning team alongside their slice of €500, with second place settling for €350 and third place getting to share €150 euros.

Excited? No?! What if I told you Admirable was playing Medic this season for one of the teams? Convinced now? I thought so…onwards to the previews!

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