CyberLeague.EU Invitational #1 sponsored by Tt eSPORTS


August 16th Announcement
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CommanderX – This Sunday CyberLeague and Tt eSPORTS are bring you a 1 day invitational cup featuring 7 of the best from Europe (minus an unavailable Epsilon) and Immunity from their boot camp in England getting ready for i52. The bulk of the details, as well as the brackets, are over at TeamFortressTV which is also where the stream will be. Hosted by myself and Ally with DavidTheWin on the camera. This is a great chance to see many of the teams that will be in action and see how they fair just one week before the biggest weekend in TF2’s calendar. The stream will be kicking off at 13:30cest and the first game will start at 14:00cest. Look for the launch of and news about the release of the i49 Fragumentary as well. Hope to see you there guys, it should be a redonkulous day of TF2.

Massive thanks to for providing four servers that will be used by the teams to play their desired matches in this tournament.

Watch live video from TeamFortressTV on

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Preparation for i52


August 14th i52
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Nymthae — With less than two weeks until the event there’s the odd thing that you can do beforehand, to help things run more smoothly.

1. Sign up on clanforge – Open the tournament page and click ‘I want to play in this!’

Multiplay are requesting a 12 pm close on signups (Fri 22nd Aug). This means if your team does not have 6 players by this point it will  be dropped automatically. I can’t do anything to override that, and as much as I can delay the close they will eventually come along and end up doing it themselves.

Make sure you’re logging in with the Multiplay account your i52 ticket is booked with. You cannot sign up to the tournament without a BYOC ticket for this event.

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Zen and the Art of Balancing a Lobby


August 8th News

Gentleman Jon —

Now it’s time for you to create a magical formula that given all the cool information you can find in logs and regarding the class played will give you a note representing your efficiency in the game.

Captainhax, 30/8/2013

I like the idea progression of the rating idea, would be cool to see that sort of statistical analysis combined with TF2Pickup for example to help create balanced teams.

Admirable, 23/3/2014


Thanks to zoob without whom none of this work would have been possible. Apologies for graph visualisation fans, this is much more like a lengthy diatribe.

Lobbies. Pickups. Valve.

Valve don’t care about 6v6. Well that’s an exaggeration but there’s not going to be a comp based lobby system any time soon and anybody interested in why already knows the reasons. This isn’t a discussion about them and the rights and wrongs of their approach, it’s about doing what’s necessary for ourselves.

Since the legendary TF2 lobby came into existence players have been expected to play nice in games featuring varying skill levels (to put it politely) and tolerate totally unbalanced games that were doomed from the start.

Some mix bots on irc channels tried to avoid this by being member only and the legendary pickup2 implements a manually moderated player/class rating. TF2Pickup was originally built with an ETF2L div balancer, but this suffers from some of the vagaries of the ETF2l API, and of course only gives information about players on ETF2L.

What’s needed is an automatic way to assess players based on their results and determine skill levels based on this that adapt over time to improvements or declinations in gameplay skill and most importantly provide more balanced games when teams are organised based on that rating.

What follows is a broad-brush description of a much more detailed process to try to produce a practical solution to this problem, the results of which have since been handed over to those with the biggest pickup web services around.

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TF2 by the Numbers – Season 18 Review


August 5th News
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GentlemanJon — Before i46 there was a strange sense of malaise in European TF2. As usual a string of legendary players were threatening to quit the game forever, and complacency over the inevitable crushing of the American interlopers was rife. It ended with partial mix Euro teams more focused on getting pissed being wiped out by the highly motivated yanks and sowed the seeds of the reverse for i49.

Last time the North Americans were complacent sending only one team and were swept aside by the twin giants of European TF2, the ultra-professional Epsilon uber team and the band of brothers Broder. It was time for the NA team to make the excuses, it was the Quick Fix, Cyzer sucks, etc…

So what state is EU TF2 in this year? Epsilon, stripped of core members, have come out on top again but in far from convincing fashion that leaves more questions than answers. How big is the  fl1p-shaped hole in the AwS squad? Did Epsilon really improve or were AwS just weakened? Is there even a decent EU team this year? Was Darn! any good?

Baseless hyperbole along these lines doubtless follows.

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i49 fragumentary trailer release, preorder started


August 3rd Announcement

Arie — It’s happening!


Go pre-order your copy at

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Top 10 TF2 plays – June 2014


August 2nd Movies
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Lucky Luke — This is the 39th edition of our Top 10 TF2 plays, for June 2014! Don’t forget to send your submissions for the next edition here! Thanks to eXtine for the commentary, Airon for the sound mixing and all our Patrons for sponsoring us this month.

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TF2 Connexion Movie Contest 2 powered by ROCCAT


August 2nd Movies
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Fmapkmn — Ladies and gentlemen, TF2 Connexion, the French TF2 community, would like to present the second edition of our TF2 Connexion Movie Contest powered by ROCCAT, our German Sponsor.


Last year entries from AMS, Saladeauthon & .Cali and Grid were the three chosen from a total of 23 participants.
This year, the TF2C Movie Contest is open for everyone (not only for European moviemakers as last year), aimed at all TF2 communities.

This is why we can count on 7 international judges :
Etats-Unis Salamancer and Etats-Unis Marxist (TeamFortressTV staff)
Portugal Kaneco (Founder of
Huhy (Moviemaker)
– The french trio France Remitche (Caster), France Kustom3 (Prem Medic) and France Twiggy (Caster)

The entries will be graded on the quality of the frags, music and the editing.

First : 150€ + ROCCAT Keyboard Ryos MK Glow
Second : 25€ + ROCCAT Gaming Mouse Kone XTD Optical
Highest placed Frenchman: 25€ + ROCCAT In-ear Headset Syva

The contest begins now and the deadline is fixed at September 30th 2014 on 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).

If you want more information, feel free to check our thread in ETF2L forum or TeamFortressTV forum.

May the airshots be with you!


Frequently Asked Questions :

When does the contest begin ?
Beginning date: Now!
Deadline: Thursday 30th September 2014 on 23:59 CEST (UTC+2).
The results will be announced in October.

What are the competition’s rules regarding content ?
The TF2 Connexion Movie Contest powered by ROCCAT is a TF2-related video contest.
One does not necessarily have to make a fragmovie. It could be a simple fragshow or a jumping movie, however, we do not accept SFM-exclusive movies, although you can still use SFM in your video.
There is a length limit : Under 10 minutes.

How do I make my video eligible for this contest ?
You must use the TF2C/ ROCCAT intro at the beginning of your video.

TF2 Connexion Download link
Mediafire Download link
MEGA Download link

You can edit the intro (music, background) but you need to keep the animation and the visibility of these two logos.
The title of your video on Youtube must include the mention “#TF2Connexion Contest”.
The video submission needs to be in the TF2C thread (french), ETF2L thread (european and others) or TFTV thread (american).

I’m new in editing and I don’t have any contacts to make a democall ?
Last year’s competition saw some beginners have problems with acquiring frags in order to make movies. We have come up with a way to fix that!
Thanks to Beater we now have a demopack from the ESEA Season 16 LAN (link).
Our French winner, Saladeauthon has offered his demopack as well (link).
Of course, it’s not necessary to use these demos but it surely can help some of you to make fragmovies.

Can I do multiple entries ?
You have only one entry for this contest. However, two or more moviemakers can work in one entry.

How will judges evaluate the entries ?
Each of our 7 judges will attempt to grade the movie according to: editing, frag quality, and personal impressions.
Finally, an average mark will be generated for each movie in order to rank them.

Why is there a category for best Frenchman in this contest?
ROCCAT, the german manufacturer of gaming peripherals, is powering this contest instead of on our side. Actually, our partner is focused on the French TF2 community and especially the French league. After discussion with our sponsor, ROCCAT agreed to help us in this international project and this justifies the French place.

What countries are eligible to win ROCCAT gear ?
For this edition, the only countries eligible to win gear from ROCCAT are the following:
– France
– Belgium
– United-Kingdom
– Germany
– Spain
– Italy
– Switzerland
– Austria
If a winner resides outside of these countries, he/ she is not eligible to receive gear from ROCCAT due to the high cost of shipping.
Cash prizes can be won by anyone regardless of your country. Half from the community and the other half from an anonymous donor (who has decided the split of the cashprize especially for the first place). Thus, we will try to renegotiate the intial cash prize. Where currency conversion is an issue, we can renegotiate the cash prize into an equivalent; either games and/or tf2 items.

If a French movie maker takes the first or second place, what happens to the French dedicated place ?
In that case, the highest Frenchman prize will be awarded to the third ranked entry.

TF2 Connexion staff and ROCCAT say good luck to all TF2 moviemakers !

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