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June 9th Gossip

Arie — Former EU superteam Epsilon eSports continues to change its lineup. ‘Kicked’ today, Raymon. Joined today WARHURYEAH.

So did WARHURYEAH jump ship for a chance to win an ETFL2L season? Once i52 comes around he’s going to be replaced with numlocked anyway, no? Your thoughts below…

Friend of the site, Mr. X hacked steam chat to get us the logs of Raymon getting his pink slip:

21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: hey raymon
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i’m so sorry man
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: talking with mike atm
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we just plan that for giving us more chance for winning i52 that all
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: for the rest 1 season we don’t care
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: so you can keep playing with us ofc
21:24 – Epsilon KnOxXx: if you wanna finish the season np
21:31 – Raymon: nah, i think it’s the end of the line for me
21:32 – Raymon: it might be more optimal for you guys anyway, more practice for mike back on soldier, you med, etc
21:32 – Raymon: can just get pockets until seb is back
21:32 – Raymon: could you remove me from etf2l?
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i don’t wanna remove you on etf2L
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: like you still in the team man
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: isn’t a kick
21:34 – Raymon: okay i guess
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna play the end of the season with u if you want
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: it’s just all about i52
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: since seb is back
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna bring all of our old lineup in
21:35 – Raymon: yeah i know, i saw this coming
21:35 – Raymon: but i’d rather not play
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: as you want
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: sorry :/
21:37 – Raymon: it’s cool

With the amount of team members they’ve acquired so far, you’d expect them to play highlander at i52.

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TF2 by the Numbers – ETF2L Highlander Season 6 Review


June 8th News

Gentleman Jon —Just when the world needed a hero, newly crowned benevolent dictator Hildreth stepped forward to save us from a Highlander world dominated by tyrannical overlord in waiting (and compiler of maimed log files) Bulow. Before we begin this season’s statistical Highlander review let’s pause for a moment to reflect and collectively thank Hildreth for holding back the tide.

In this review I promise to do a better job of examining the Heavy class contribution, revealing which of the myriad new spies came closest to knocking Inso off his perch, and once again shit-talk all Pyros in comparison to Steve by default (apologies to other Pyros in advance).

After the Highlander auto-log detection debacle I can assure concerned readers each log included has been hand-picked with the utmost care. I’ve messed about with the rating player ordering I use as well, but this isn’t really the place to explain it.

So let’s dive into the infinite depths of the statistical vortex and discover why all your votes were wrong.

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ModMic 4.0 review


June 7th News
Tagged: modmic review

Arie — Over 2 years ago, atmo wrote about a cool new product by AntLion Audio, called the ModMic. He concluded:

The ModMic is a very clever product. It is relatively inexpensive, and incorporates multiple ingenious design features to ingratiate itself with gamers and VOIPers alike. Of course, these features would matter little were it not for a solid auditory performance, but thankfully this time we have a mic that is up to the challenge.

In this review we’ll talk about what AntLion has been up to since and compare their newest product, the ModMic 4.0, to their previous model and my personal favourite gaming headset, the Beyerdynamic MMX300.

MMX300 - ModMic 4.0 - ModMic 3.0

MMX300 – ModMic 4.0 – ModMic 3.0

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i52 showmatch #1


June 7th Announcement

Arie — To get some hype going for i52 and get some more donations in for the American teams, is organizing showmatches. The first two are tonight. Epsilon eSports vs Street Hoops at 18:30CEST and BFF vs XTS at 21:00CEST.

Lange will be commentating, alongside with Salamancer, who is filling in for Admirable. On camera, the flawless  TrukTruk.

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The changing face of European Highlander


June 7th News

SuddenlyStarMia — With the Highlander Awards Show coming up on Sunday at 20 CEST on Blackout TV, what better time to throw in a last article or two before we wait until late October for the next season? We will start by reminiscing issues that plagued the start of Highlander Season 6 with the wisdom we have gained now, and an then article about the prospectives of the 8 Prem teams for next season in an article awaits tomorrow.

What was originally intended to be a GentlemenJon-esque article (started three months ago and never fully completed due to a taxing PCW schedule) analysing predictions and scrim results regarding the upcoming Highlander Season 6 transformed into an article analysing the change in Highlander and exploring why many players had stated at the start of season that the skill level of this Highlander season was comparatively lower than that of the last.

The ever-intelligent reply of “lel highlander” had been applied to this debacle, but those seeking a more complete response ought to read on.

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HYS interview on Team Colonslash website


June 4th Commentary

Arie — Team Colonslash is back with their 3rd interview, the second one being with yours truly. They talked to HYS and discussed some recent happenings and future plans.

RD: Enough about Epsilon. I have been informed that you are not wasting time, and that a new team is in creation. Apparently, you want to contest TOP 4 teams. Can you tell us any details about that? Will it be a team of young potentials or premiership veterans? I heard there are a lot of bored premiership players in this season’s division 2B.

H: Yes, it’s true that I am interested in creating something new. I would say mostly the criteria is that the players have not played one FULL season in premiership, and I am mainly looking for players with raw deathmatching ability. I have asked around a few players for their opinions and formed a shortlist. We will look to start at the end of June (when week 7 of ETF2L’s Season 18 ends). It is likely that one player with premiership experience will assist me. That is the idea anyway, whether it goes ahead is another story ^^

Read the whole thing on the TC website.

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Top 10 TF2 plays – April 2014


June 3rd Movies
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Lucky Luke — This is the 37th edition of our Top 10 TF2 plays, for April 2014! Don’t forget to send your submissions for the next edition here! Thanks to eXtine for the commentary, Airon for the sound mixing and all our Patrons for sponsoring us this month.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, we recently released a montage of some of the best Moments of Glory of #200-300. Check that out by clicking here.

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