Wireplay Highlander Season 11 – Signups Open Now!


August 18th Announcement
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beach — Wireplay’s highlander season is back, this time with a bigger prize pool than ever thanks to its mystery benefactor. b0nes (not the movie maker) has decided once again to open Wireplay’s doors for another highlander season, beginning in the early weeks of September. Here are the dates:

  • Signups Open – Now
    Signups Close – Friday 30th Aug
    Provisional Divisions – Sunday 1st Sept
    Fixtures Generated – Tuesday 3rd Sept
    Week 1 Starts – Monday 8th Sept

As well as the usual 20-man servers on offer for Division 1 3rd place and 1st place in all other divisions, Wireplay have secured funding to allocate €450 to the winner of Division 1 and €225 for second place. As well as the main season, the top 3 places in Division 1 will participate in a separate playoff to determine who is eligible for the prizes. This is very exciting news for Wireplay; a smaller league still managing to dish out prize money deserves support and signups are definitely welcomed and encouraged by b0nes and the rest of the admin team.

For more information you can contact an admin directly in #wptf2l on, or go to the Wireplay highlander page, where you will find further details of the league as it progresses.

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ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup – Germany vs Ireland!


July 23rd Announcement
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SuddenlyStarMia — As we go on over to Week 3 of the ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup, we see a match in the group stages between last year’s champions,  Germany and the underrated  Ireland. So far, Germany has picked up a comfortable 6-0 against Iceland last week and a default win vs Israel in week one. In the meanwhile, Ireland are not looking so strong with a firm loss against Denmark and a default loss from Israel. Both teams need all the points they can to guarantee a chance to be in the playoffs. Could the Irish pull it back tonight or are the Germans just too strong?

We caught up with Germany’s Pyro, Anoobis for a few quick words:

Anoobis: I am feeling pretty confident going into the match tonight. Our roster is pretty strong even with a few subs here and there. It will be a nice match to watch. Ireland have a strong roster containing of highlander and 6v6 people and they should give us a good run. Maybe we’ll also see Admirable – that’ll be hilarious. Gravelpit should be really exciting to watch because in contrary to Viaduct, Gravelpit requires a lot of coordination – a lot of people have mixed feelings about it.

Whilst our favourite potatoman caster, Admirable, had just this to say:

Admirable: oh man it will be a rape
Admirable: quote me
Admirable: :D

The Rosters

Scout – RazorsEdge
Soldier – KLar
Pyro – Anoobis
Demoman – Brego
Heavy – Schmuse
Engineer – quintosh
Medic – Homer J.
Sniper – Der_Milchmann
Spy – Solid

Scout – dougiie
Soldier – Josh
Pyro – b33p
Demoman – troot
Heavy – Anti
Engineer – Daft Cans
Medic – Bulow
Sniper – MurlocJonny
Spy – Dewotter

Join VanillaTV tonight at 21 CEST for some 9v9 action with  Skully &  SuddenlyStarMia on the mics, alongside  Arie working the camera!

de Team Germany German Powerhouse

Team Germany
Team Ireland

Team Ireland ie Irish clover

ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup Group Phase Germany vs Ireland
  • Tuesday July 23rd
  • 21:00 cest
  • 15:00 edt (na)
  • 07:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Team Ireland (54%, 7 Votes)
  • Team Germany (46%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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Wireplay Highlander Season 10 – Signups now open!


April 20th Announcement
Tagged: 9v9 b0nes highlander wireplay

beach — For those of us who can’t get enough highlander, Wireplay head admin b0nes has decided to open his doors once more for another 9v9 season. UGC is over and ETF2L is entering its concluding stages, so a new highlander season is certainly called for!

Signups Open – Now
Signups Close – Friday 3rd May
Provisional Divisions – Sunday 5th May
Fixtures Generated – Tuesday 7th May
Week 1 Starts – Monday 13th May

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ETF2L Highlander Season 4, sponsored by Blackout Gaming!


March 1st Announcement
Tagged: 9v9 beach highlander season 4

beach — For those of us who enjoy a good game of Highlander, good news – ETF2L Highlander has returned!


Credit to accless for this amazing banner!

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Get involved with 9v9 TF2!


January 13th News
Tagged: 9v9 highlander newbies

beach — Are you a budding 9v9 (also known as Highlander) player with nowhere to play and no-one to play with? Well fear not, I have the answer(s)!

There are a few methods you can use in order to involved in some 9v9 games. The first is TF2 Lobby, a system which has been around for a while and is popular among many players, new and experienced alike. It hosts both 6v6 and 9v9 lobbies, and is particularly popular among the 9v9 community. Just log into the website through Steam, follow the instructions to get yourself set up, and join a lobby! You can pick your class on the lobby page, and you will be automatically connected to the game server once 18 people join. It’s a great little system for getting started with competitive TF2 in general, and the 9v9 scene is very active most days, hosting lobbies on a variety of maps (not just pl_badwater, I promise).

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Wireplay highlander season announced


April 27th News
Tagged: 9v9 League wireplay

beach – So for all of you 9v9 lovers, Wireplay have announced that they will be hosting a highlander tournament, starting on Monday 14th May.

For now, the season will be only open to European teams (or any who can play European times and on European servers), but if the season is a success, Wireplay have said that they will hopefully be able to offer teams outside Europe the chance to play in the league.

Unlocks are yet to be announced, but b0nes stated that all unlocks will probably be allowed, with the only exception being the “very overpowered”.  Maps are subject to a vote, which can be found in this thread –

Signups are now open, and the deadline for signups is Friday 4th May.

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CommFT Launches Highlander Tourney #1


March 21st News
Tagged: 9v9 commft highlander Tournament

From CommFT:

After months of deliberation and discussion, we are proud to announce the opening of registration for CommFT’s first ever Highlander tournament. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Highlander, it is a game mode that pits two teams of 9 players against one another. Unlike public games, though, Highlander limits both teams to one player per class. With support from the MFU community, we hope that this tournament will help Highlander achieve legitimacy amongst the wider TF2 community. North American matches will be casted by the crew over at eXtv while the crew over at TF2tv may cast the European matches.

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