Dignitas one night Alienware Arena TF2 cup


August 17th Announcement
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Arie — In preparation for i49, Dignitas is running a one-night Alienware Arena TF2 cup on Saturday the 17th of august starting at 19:00CEST. There’s room for 32 teams on a first-come-first-serve basis, so sign up now.

Tournament Details
Game: Team Fortress 2 6on6
Teams: 32
Map pool: badlands, gullywash, snakewater, process, granary and viaduct
Cup date: Saturday 17th August
Check-in: 18:00 – 19:00 CET on Saturday
Starting time: 19:00 CET at #dignitas.cup
Brackets: TBD
Stream: the VanillaTV crew will be casting on
IRC: #dignitas.cup
Admin: Sui

Prize Pool: £500*

All other info on the Dignitas website.

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Team Dignitas Presents: 1-day cup


April 25th News
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Trath — It was supposed to be yet another regular Sunday, but then out of the blue Team Dignitas – the organization, not the team (there is no team) made an announcement: they will be hosting a 1 day cup for TF2, which being kindly sponsored by Alienware, means cash prizes. Sui – the guy that lets you know of all sorts of Dignitas related news on IRC, casually spilled out the announcement that there is a TF2 cup, and linked to a page with specifics. You can check out the Cup page, filled with all information needed such as how to sign up, cup rules, what to do on game day, etc – here.

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Best Damn Intermission Contest Announced


October 18th Movies
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Custom PC heavyweight Alienware has teamed up with MovieVault to bring together a movie contest with some excruciatingly good prizes. Provided your 90second clip gets selected, you have a chance to win an Alienware M11x Gaming Notebook.

The Movie Vault and Alienware are excited to announce the latest Movie Vault contest, The Best Damn Intermission.

Producers from the United States, Canada, UK, Russia, Germany and France are invited to submit their ultimate gaming videos for a chance win over $1,500 in prizing provided by Alienware, including the grand prize: an Alienware M11x gaming laptop!

Full details about prizes, eligibility and rules after the jump.

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