August 19th Announcement
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Arie — If you see this guy at LAN, buy him a beer!

aporia: Pretty serious is one way to put it – unfortunately the net cafe option isn’t going to work out, despite checking it out beforehand. Luckily bones has (very) generously offered us his place for the next few nights + 6 PC’s so tomorrow’s scrims should be a better indication


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Crikey, mate!


May 22nd Announcement
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beach — Announced mere minutes ago to the ETF2L forums, the Australians/New Zealanders are coming to LAN. And similarly to our friends from America and Scandinavia, they need your help! Insomnia 49 is set to be the biggest LAN ever; with only 800 places left, the event is going to be packed full of people from from all different games and all different nationalities. This exciting announcement has just added an even greater depth to the competition for Team Fortress 2 in Telford this Summer. If we can raise the $5000 target required, it will truly be an international competition to see who is the best TF2 nation in the world.

Of course, if you donate there will be some reward: be it a Crack Clan mug, a signed scattergun from bybben or a mentoring session with one of HRG, all the teams going to efforts to raise funds for LAN want to motivate you to part with your hard-earned cash. This fundraiser is no different; depending on how much you donate, you will qualify for various perks and rewards courtesy of the Aus/NZ LAN squad (taken from the fundraising page):

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OZfortress state of the origin 2 – NZ vs SA


November 14th Matches
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Greaver — The battle lines are set, foes become friends, neighbours become allies. The competition where you greatness is dependent on where you rest your head. State of Origin 2 allows you to play for state pride, without all the pretentious bullshit of inner clan politics. Ignore this competition at your peril, it’s serious, deadly serious.

The first match in the OZFortress State of Origin 2 competition will see New Zealands team take on Southern Australias team in what should prove to be an epic match up

New Zealand is fielding a lot of semi retired players but they have plenty of experience between them so it will be interesting to see how they match up against the power house that is the SA team.

This match will be played in two 30 minute halves on cp_badlands so both teams will be well versed in the map so we should see some exciting action!

Join us in the STV and mumble ( or via the stream with your Gamestah casters for tonight, Greaver, Ivo and Gee!

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Oztralia, November edition


October 24th News
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wm — LOTS going on in Australia at the moment…

ozfortress owl6 – our main league is coming to a close for yet another great season. Grand Final games are happening this week with Div4 being played Monday night (in 2nd map this very minute), Div3 Tuesday night, Div1 will be Wednesday 12:30cest (21.30 Australian EST, 06.30 North American EDT) and Div2 is scheduled for Thursday night.

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Cadred: A Beast In Sheep’s Clothing


April 2nd Feature
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As part of our on going efforts to beat people over the head with Team Fortress 2 until they like it, we will be featuring the work of VanillaTF2’s finest authors over on that oracle of premier eSports coverage I call home, Cadred.  Indian workhorse Abhorrence has put together a delightful interview with none other than Austrialia’s very own scout sensation, Sheep, which you can read in full over on Cadred.

For now, let me tease you a little with a succulent choice cut from the interview as I work your mind in to a frenzy until you just can’t take it anymore, clicking link with a groan of exasperation and ecstasy.  You want it, you need it; give in to your most basic desires and read on…

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ozfortress winter league 4 highlights


February 28th Movies
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bonez has finished the owl4 plays of the series video just in time for owl5 to kick off in the coming weeks. Alot of the submitted plays were either drawn out plays or just not frag video worthy so bonez opted for a shorter, fast paced film that will get almost anyone keen for next season

can also be streamed here
and downloaded here


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Bunnies Grand Adventure: Leaving the Div 2 Warren


December 10th Movies
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Here is the latest frag vid from Australia – Bunnies Grand Adventure: Leaving the Div 2 Warren. This video features the “bunnies” clan (full team sporting sam & max hats!), and was made by noser. Bunnies didn’t have a particularly great owl season , but when you consider they finished mid division 2 the previous season then they held their own.

This frag vid shows off their best plays/frags throughout the season and is combined with some nice editing to overall give a nice polished package. Enjoy!


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