August 19th Announcement
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Arie — If you see this guy at LAN, buy him a beer!

aporia: Pretty serious is one way to put it – unfortunately the net cafe option isn’t going to work out, despite checking it out beforehand. Luckily bones has (very) generously offered us his place for the next few nights + 6 PC’s so tomorrow’s scrims should be a better indication


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VanillaTV covering ESA Cup #4 – unlocks galore [part 2]


July 28th Announcement
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byte — Back from the ETF2L final, we decided to cover the 4th cup in a row for ESA. Refining these unlocks being brought in. Sir Canfo has modified the list, to no quickfix now. Hoping maybe valve tweak it slightly..

Last week was more about it being interesting and see how the top teams managed to use these wonderful unlocks, and if so which ones actually were useful. Judging by the games last week seemed heavy become more viable along with the black box in which Gear made use of!

The last tournament seemed to favour the later start, as the semi-finals have been reduced to a BO1 format, so check-in starts at 14.45 cest and the tournament itself starts at 16.45 cest. The top 8 teams will receive a share of a £100 prize pool into their ESA account, and players who don’t have a Premium account can still compete for the Ozone Rage ST headsets.

Join our Byte, SuddenlyStarMia and our streamers Arie and bones from approximately 16.45 cest to catch all the action!

To find out more information, head on over to the VanillaTF2 article, or the ESA website.

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ETF2L Season 15 Premiership Playoff Playoff! RLM vs SOLAR, The Battle for 4th Place


July 7th Announcement
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beach — The middle of the Premiership has been so tightly-contested this season; three teams ended up on 14 points: All Tied Up, Revoluzion la Metagame, and SOLAR. Since All Tied Up have dropped, with kaidus joining Zaibatsu, this leaves the two teams tonight, RLM and SOLAR, to battle it out to see who earns that 4th place and goes into the playoffs alongside Epsilon eSports, broder and Zaibatsu.

eu Revoluzion la metagame ilike2spin, flippy, wltrs, tek, Snyyppis, Mark

Revoluzion la metagame

SOLAR eu skeej, cor, maidu, qnx, hycz, Lalli

ETF2L Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Premiership Playoffs T
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  • Sunday July 7th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)
  • No source tv information available

Who will win this match?

  • Revoluzion la metagame (73%, 8 Votes)
  • SOLAR (27%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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VanillaTV i45 feedback post


May 11th VanillaTV
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Comedian — Well, I hope you guys are all at home, having recovered a bit from the intense weekend that was Insomnia 45. We here at VanillaTV have caught back up on some sleep, and in order to reflect back on the event we would like to gather some feedback from you, the viewer at home, so that we can improve things for Insomnia 46, which is scoping up to be a fantastic event.

Anyhow, regarding the feedback we are looking for, we have several specific points that we are looking for your opinions about which are listed below. We are looking for both things you liked and didn’t like, but in the case you did not like something, we are only looking for constructive criticism, so please try to frame your feedback in a nice way. There is a difference between giving feedback and just being plain offensive, and we hope that you will not go past this limit.

  1. The Grand Finals – As we cannot influence the match itself (we hope), we are looking for feedback on everything around it, specifically; the introduction of the players and casters on-stage, the between map interview with elem-v, the way the cheerfuls were presented and distributed, the camerawork in-game by myself, and anything else we missed.
  2. The post-processed and edited Youtube content such as the intro video, interviews, spitfire rounds, and 1v1 interviews (these are to be released!). What Did you like, what did you think could have been done better, and what is something that you would like to see at the next event?
  3. Scheduling – how easy did you find it to see who/what was getting casted and find information in general?
  4. Rebroadcast – We ran a rebroadcast of the day’s events during the night, so for those of you that tuned in, what did you think about it? could we have improved it, or just do it the same way?
  5. The saturday night cp_toxic mix community cast – Should we have done it? Its not professional but it shows lan atmosphere and was greatly enjoyed by all people in the casting room. I do not know how it was enjoyed by the people at home, and if it is something we would want to repeat.
  6. And finally, Casting – Please limit yourself to giving feedback on Pledge, CUBE and myself regarding casting done at lan. For myself, i also appreciate feedback on camera positioning and movement.

Hopefully, we will be able to gain some great feedback from this post, and improve, what was in my eyes the best coverage any TF2 event has had, to even greater standards.

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i45: Wrap Up


May 7th VanillaTV
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Trell — Spoiler: the final wrap up is after the jump, just in case you haven’t seen the Grand Final results or Vods yet.

We’ve seen some great TF2 over the past three days, direct from Insomnia 45 in Telford, with everyone agreeing that by far the game of the tournament was Round 2 of the Double Elim stages, between  Elemental Violence and  Zumba! – click here to see the vod.

The VanillaTV staff have been busy little beavers too with tons of content for you to work your way through, as well as doing all the streaming and casting from the event.  A big thanks to  Byte,  Pledge,  Comedian,  CUBE and  Bones for all their hard work and dedication this weekend (also a special mention to  skyride for helping with technical issues).  Listed below is most of the content uploaded so far.

VanillaTV YouTube – i45 Playlist 

Welcome to i45! – Interview with numlocked – Interview with Elemental Violence – QuickFire Questions with numlocked – Interview with Greg – QuickFire Questions with Tapley – Interview with 9menInterview with Kaidus – QuickFire Questions with Kaidus1v1 Interview with A_Spec1v1 Interview with Wizzo

TF2 Community Photo (click for larger image)

Read on to find out the final recap.

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This week(s) in fragmovies


August 23rd Movies
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Martn — Cutting the crap and without further ado, here is  BoneS his second part of his Lan Trilogy series ‘The Reality’.


But there is more…

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