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May 6th Announcement
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Byte — After hearing the devastating news that a capture the flag map was going to be in the upcoming ETF2L Season 18 league map pool, VanillaTV just had to wake up and smell the death? or breathe of fresh air for TF2- with this map being brought in. Not only that but a cup for those wanting to understand how this map works…

It’s no piece of cake, it requires a great caller who will need to adapt his team and make them understand how “the best offence is the best defence”. Having said that, the group stages have already been played and here are teams still left fighting it out for 1st prize – Tt eSPORTS Pyrrhus Mousepad


Quarter final
4-25 vs ISIS
Phase- vs eGz
K-RNAGE ESPORT vs Hello Kitteh Ninjas!
CPLAY.Tt- vs Corgi

The last place for the quarter final spot was decided yesterday evening between the 3 teams LIETUVA / Corgi / SAFARI. With corgi getting the better of the other teams winning the Golden cap. Here’s how the fixture looks going into the quarter finals:

For more of an incentive to strive and get as far as possible in this cup, Arie has generously donated 30 keys with the prize distrubtion as follows:


Top Bracket runner-up: 12 keys
Gold medal Higher Bracket winner: 12 keys
Silver medal Higher Bracket runner-up: 6 keys

VanillaTV will be covering the quarter finals, semi-finals and final tonight, with Byte and that Premiership Ambassador Admirable on the mics, with that ever so reliable Arie on stream. All matches from the quarter finals onwards will be played on Tuesday, so join us then from 20cest!


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December 4th Announcement
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Kaneco — I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced here on vanilla, but in case you have been out of the loop the past few months is a wiki aimed at competitive tf2, much like liquipedia is for starcraft, it’s a community project, started by me back in July but made possible by all of you, so feel free to check us out and while you’re at it why not give us a hand with the content?

Let’s get right to the business, we are back again with a new cup, it’s been a tough process,  but after a few weeks of planning here it is. A bball cup featuring a complete new and custom map created specially by X_DIAS for this occasion.

Here’s our promo teaser made by ducky, how about 1440p, huh?

All the details about the cup can be found here

If you want to know more about the map you can check here

The buy-in is 1 key per team, and it goes entirely to the prizepool.

The cup is on Sunday and the sign-ups close this Friday, there are already 20 teams signed up, so don’t miss this opportunity to make some fantastic dunks and maybe even get a few keys. If that’s not enought motivation, the event will also be casted on sunday on our stream, with ducky on camera joined by Shwan and milehigh commentating on how bad european soldiers really airstrafe.



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Dignitas one night Alienware Arena TF2 cup


August 17th Announcement
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Arie — In preparation for i49, Dignitas is running a one-night Alienware Arena TF2 cup on Saturday the 17th of august starting at 19:00CEST. There’s room for 32 teams on a first-come-first-serve basis, so sign up now.

Tournament Details
Game: Team Fortress 2 6on6
Teams: 32
Map pool: badlands, gullywash, snakewater, process, granary and viaduct
Cup date: Saturday 17th August
Check-in: 18:00 – 19:00 CET on Saturday
Starting time: 19:00 CET at #dignitas.cup
Brackets: TBD
Stream: the VanillaTV crew will be casting on
IRC: #dignitas.cup
Admin: Sui

Prize Pool: £500*

All other info on the Dignitas website.

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VanillaTV covering this week’s ESA Cup, featuring the top 3 teams in Europe!


July 21st Announcement
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beach — That’s right, we’re back again with coverage of this week’s ESA Cup, this time with the exciting addition of several unlocks:

These will surely make for an exciting tournament; it will be interesting to see which teams use the unlocks, and indeed what effect they have on the game, if any. Bombing soldiers with the Black Box may seem ridiculous, but bearing in mind the 3 rocket clip, maybe the combo won’t work quite as well as some people may think!

This tournament will start later than the other ones, as the semi-finals have been reduced to a BO1 format, so check-in starts at 15.45 cest and the tournament itself starts at 16.45 cest. The top 8 teams will receive a share of a £100 prize pool into their ESA account, and players who don’t have a Premium account can still compete for the Ozone Rage ST headsets.

Join our wonderful team of casters, so far including Haydn, Pledge Skully and Eydok, and our streamers Arie and Rinta from approximately 16.45 cest to catch all the action!

To find out more information, head on over to the VanillaTF2 article, or the ESA website.

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Breaking the mould


July 6th Gossip
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Beta — Over the past four weeks much has been said about the state of competitive Team Fortress 2.  Some of our finest community members have been in discussion with the main man himself over at Valve and come away with some hard truths.

“Robin barely watches competitive TF2 anymore because nothing surprises him. There are no “sick new strats for him to see, especially not at the pace of other games”

Ah yes, the quote that made some heads finally roll.  Hard truths can sometimes be hard to take regardless of where it comes from, the bottom or the top of the pile.

What am I talking about?  Unless you have been under a rock for the last month then you may have seen a lengthy post by eXtine & Salamancer over at TeamFortress.TV – .  The guys did a good job of making that post short and sweet so I won’t summarise.

Hold that thought though, I don’t actually want to speak to you about in game today…I am interested in a slightly different approach.

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Announcing: ESA Ozone Open Cup #1


July 5th News
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CanFo — ESA is glad to announce a long term sponsorship by the lovely lads at Ozone Gaming Gear. They will sponsor a series of TF2 subscription tournaments for the next 13 Sundays. The hardware prizes are not tied to the ESA Premium ratio of the winning team, even if you do not have a Premium account, you can still win a hardware prize.

ESA TF2: Ozone Open Cup #1

The TF2: Ozone Open Cup #1 with 32 slots kicks off this Sunday, July 7th, at 14.00 CEST. The signups are open NOW, please do not forget to check in 1 hour before the tournament start (at 13.00 CEST). The times on the tournament page are in GMT by default and in your local time, when you are logged in. Here is what you need to know and what you need to check, if you are playing!

Prizes Explanation

The prize pool for this tournament is £100 (top 8 payout) and uses Premium payouts, which means you are only eligible to win a money prize, if you have an ESA Premium account. The prize pool is based on the number of Premium subscriptions and can be increased by simply buying a Premium subscription for yourself. If you do not have a Premium account, you can still compete for the Ozone Rage St headsets, that are up to win for anyone, Premium or not.

Skill Ranking

This tournament is open for all teams. To improve the quality of the later matches and ensure a fair payout for the best teams, participants will be seeded based on their records in ESA and other competitions. Any matches you play in this tournament add to your team’s ranking. If you want to play in the skill based tournaments, that are most likely to kick off in August, you should definitely play in as many cups as you can to get an appropriate ranking.


ESA tournaments are using a check in system. Only teams that checked in will be added to the tournament bracket. The check-in starts on Sunday, July 7, at 13.00 CEST and lasts until 13.45 CEST, after which the brackets will be generated. If you miss this deadline, you can not play in the tournament. Only one member of the team has to check in the team.

For further information and rule reminders, please check out the announcement over at the ESA site.

If you have any further questions, encounter problems of any kind related to this tournament or want to file a complaint during the match, you can ask for an admin in the IRC channel #esa on Quakenet.

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ESA Free £1,250 Team Fortress 2 Launch Tournament


June 14th News
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CanFo — The Electronic Sports Association (ESA) is organising a £1,250 launch tournament on Sunday, June 23. Different from the regular subscription tournaments that will kick off in July, participants do not need an ESA Premium account to collect their winnings, everyone is eligible to win money that can be invested to enter more tournaments or subscribe.

If your team finishes in the top 16, 100% of the winnings are paid into your team’s ESA wallet from where it can be distributed among the players by the team leader. The prize distribution is listed on the tournament page.

Thanks to ESA’s new partner Ozone Gaming, the first place additionally receives 6 Ozone Rage ST Headsets.

This tournament is open for all. However, all matches your team plays in this tournament contribute to your rank. Ranked tournaments will start in August.

The setup is single elimination and the teams are seeded, meaning the two best teams can not meet each other until the later rounds.

Start of the tournament is 12.15 CEST on Sunday, June 23. You may notice that the start has been moved back by an hour, compared to the first draft of the tournament, after some members of the Team Fortress 2 community asked not to start that early in the morning.

Each round until the semi finals is played “best of 1”, meaning the winner of the map advances to the next round. The semi finals and the finals are played as “best of 3” with the loser’s pick system to decide the played maps.

ESA is the first competition in Europe that uses the so called “North American” setup for Team Fortress 2. In detail, this means, each map is played in 2 halves. On 5CP maps, the first team that scores 5 points total wins, on King of the Hill maps, the team that scores 4 points total wins the map. Because only the win conditions for the first half can be triggered by the server config, please pay attention to the overall scores in the second half. For the full information, please take a look at the rules page.

Every map is estimated to last 75 minutes. This does include the allowed delay of 15 minutes and the total playing time of 60 minutes. Please do not delay your matches longer than 15 minutes. Your best bet would be not to delay your matches at all and start on time. If your opponent fails to have a full team or refuses to start, please immediately get in touch with an admin to ensure a smooth progress of the tournament. Any matches with no result at the start of the next round will be decided randomly by an admin. If your match is delayed by a few minutes because of pauses or technical issues, you need to inform an admin.

The signups are open now. If the signups get close to 64, we will increase the slots to 128. In this case, the final will be moved to Monday evening instead of Sunday evening.

Please make sure that all your players have their Steam ID entered on their profile or your team can not be approved for entry. You can enter your Steam ID in the format STEAM_0:#:###### in your Dashboard.

The Quake Live Community Holysh1t has published an interview with ESA director  Mike Lawrenson aka Didge that should clear up some doubts about the model and ESA in general.

If you have any questions, please answer them in the comments or in the ESA IRC channel #esa on Quakenet. You can also message  Sonny Black or  CanFo directly for any questions.

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