Learn to demoman with Kaidus, 26/6 at 23:00CEST


June 26th Announcement
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Arie — 26/6 at 23:00CEST-ish, you can tune in to kaidus’ stream and learn how to rollout as a demoman. Back in my day you had to steal demo files from ESL and try to replicate the moves, but tonight you can ask the European top demoman himself.

He’ll even review your rollout if you send him a demo file with ticks during a Q&A section, but please keep in mind:

To maximise the chance that I review your rollout, make sure it is easy to find in the demo file. Ideally this will involve a demo recorded exclusively for the purpose of showing me your rollout, rather than a match demo. 

First come, first served, so have those demos ready! More info in the ETF2L thread.

Update: VOD

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VoTD – Another Failed Frag Movie


January 6th Movies
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Misleading title aside, now here’s a VoTD that kaidus will approve of! This video features the FakkelBrigade man himself, showcasing his wonderful deathmatching skills as Demoman. The editing is minimalistic but the pleasant music and some very nice shots make it worth your time. And yes, death to PLDX particles…


PS: In case you’re wondering why the VoTD posts have been dead-ish, it’s purely because of people’s choice to use rap music in their movies. serious.

PPS: Has nothing to do with lack of quality productions as of late due to holidays. I promise!

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Video of the Day – Fade way!


November 28th Movies
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Stumbled onto this gem courtesy of trollville. Rather minimalistic but by author’s own admission, it wasn’t meant this way. Regardless, it came out nice. The Demoman movie features cosa delivering some nice pipes with some LSD-esque music. Interestingly, this is also one of the few frag movies that are available for viewing in full HD 1080p. And yes, the PLDX explosion effects are ugly and unnecessary.

demo frag video.

had alot of rendering issues with vegas so its not as fancy or flashy as i hoped.

h8 away in the comments below.


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coL.Jaeger shows you how it is done


May 17th
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Hello, this is PYYYOUR from team compLexity and for a long time now Jaeger has been making videos trying to help out the normal TF2 player. He includes tips and tricks for basically every class… EVEN STRAFE JUMPING.. just kidding

Check out the link and let me know what you guys think:

See you in August :D

(ed: We’ll include the vids right here too)

Thanks to Pure for the contribution, and thanks to Berserker and Moon for their tips.

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Hidden gems in the art of Frag Movies


May 1st Movies
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A frag movie is in many ways similar to graffiti – a way to show off one’s skills within the game.  But often, lost in the grind of including everything the player found impressed himself: The main goal of a frag movie should be about entertaining the viewers. In this small showcase of frag movies, I decided to take a look at some under appreciated/forgotten hidden gems of frag movies.

First up, Our friend Baerbel set off to make a movie for himself. It might not impress many. And, it might show signs of “my first video editing thingi”. But in the midst of that, a highly charming, entertaining, and ultimately very intuitively paced insight into the a humble life of  German TF2 player. – released yesterday.

The last night of my culinary travels around the city of Valencia (Spain), I was dragged against my will into the worst restaurant I could imagine. Lit by flourecent ceiling lights, a wallpaper like the puke of an early 90’s MTV music video, and a cubic meter of rude hermaphroditic waitor (honestly) to take our orders. Who could have predicted the meal to be absolutely world class fine dining?

The following frag movie is similar. Forget about the Ray Charlesed colour correction, the 90’s overused extacy music – The frags, prediction, and pacing of this movie are worthy nothing less than those of world class fine dining. -Featuring the soldier Traxantic, edited by himself and Aron, released November 2009.

The next movie, featuring TF2’s answer to Maradonna: Chode. In 2008, The notorious superstar led the legendary Clan Fracture through epic games still talked about, only to ragequit the internet shortly after the team’s break into division 1. With a music choice only appealing to a small fraction of his viewers, the movie stands as a testament to one of TF2’s most stubborn renegades – and, just how far the game has progressed in the past 2 years. Due to the lack of good streams, a movie known by many, seen by few can finally receive the glory it doesn’t deserve. -Released sometime 2008

Do you know of any hidden gems that have been long forgotten, or just never broke through? Send us your tips. Stay tuned tomorrow, for a look at some of the non-frag movies that deserve a second look!

By Sivert “Torden” Bakkeng

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