VanillaTV: Mad Catz ESH Semifinal BFF vs. Crack Clan


November 28th Matches
Tagged: BFF C+C CrackClan ESH Mad Catz

atmo — As the days get darker and the year closes in, so too it is coming to the end of the ETF2L season with but the Grand Final still to play (tomorrow night!). To add some further further tension, head admin CanFo has arranged a concurrent cash-prize tournament featuring the same top teams, which should provide some bright sparks by way of hotly contested games. Or so we hope.

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Esports Heaven presents: The Mad Catz Team Fortress Challenge


November 13th News
Tagged: ESH esports heaven Mad Catz

CanFo — Apparently, all it needed was one person on the ETF2L forums complaining about the lack of cups on other sites. The very next day, I got a message from Esports Heaven’s  Freekje that they have new prizes ready for another Team Fortress 2 tournament! With €250 and 6x Cyborg R.A.T 5 Gaming Mice from Mad Catz, this is probably better than most other online tournaments had to offer in the past months. For this cup, there are no experiments, just vanilla + medlocks and 5 maps of the ETF2L Season 13 map pool.

The tournament is open for everyone but a list of invited teams that will be treated preferentially and their seeding can be found below. If you feel that your team belongs into the list as well, please contact me (CanFo / CanFoFF) on IRC (e.g. #esh.tf2 or #etf2l). Please do not contact me to change the seeding of your team, most of the ranking is based on the team’s ETF2L Season 13 results. The top 16 teams from this list that sign up will be approved for the tournament.

  • 1. Epsilon eSports
  • 2. BFF
  • 3. The Last Resort
  • 4. Crack Clan
  • 5. Quarantine
  • 6. Damage Control
  • 7. Punchline
  • 8.
  • 9. AVENUE eSports
  • 10. Lutuset
  • 11. uV-GAMING.TF2
  • 12. AUTOBOTS
  • 13. elemental violence
  • 14. PyRo|GEN
  • 15. Arx Imperators
  • 16. Paroxysm
  • 17. Batman
  • 18. Furbo Pandas

The default dates for each round are as follows. Rescheduling until up to one day before the next round’s default date is allowed but please let me know if you do so. The final should be played until December 9.

Round 1 (16) : Monday, November 19
21:15 CET, BO1 on cp_process_b10fix

Semi Finals : Sunday, November 25
21:15 CET, BO3 map elimination

Quarter Finals : Thursday, November 29
21:15 CET, BO3 map elimination

Finals : Wednesday, December 05
21:15 CET, BO3 map elimination

If your team is listed above, please sign up! If the 16 slots are not full by November 18, teams that are not on the list will be approved as well.

Head over to the tournament page at Esports Heaven for more details!

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Angel’s Cup – Infused and Crack Clan rematch


May 10th News
Tagged: Angel crack clan cup ESH final

Faint —After last night’s decisive victory over  Crack Clan, Team Infused look to secure a place in the Grand Final of Angel’s Cup, where the winner of tonight’s game will face  Epsilon eSports. With €750 on the line for the winner of the grand final though, Crack Clan aren’t likely to give this one up without a fight.

The odds seemed to be stacked against them following a crushing defeat last night against the very same team, but as Crack Clan seem to perform better when they are the underdogs, this could be a good one…

On VanillaTV’s Open Mic tonight,  Greg will be joined by the one and only  Poop, with Comedian on the stream – fresh from a relaxing casting session at i45 ;)

All of the interesting stuff starts at 21:15 CET. Don’t be late!

uk Team Infused dunc, numlocked, flisko, Mike, Cookye, JoeyC

Team Infused
Crack Clan

Crack Clan de Royze, Retshock, Matnun, Pescanova, Bash, Longas

Esports Heaven Angels Cup LB Final
  • Thursday May 10th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Team Infused (70%, 31 Votes)
  • Crack Clan (36%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 44

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ESH: Angel’s Cup


March 20th Matches
Tagged: Angel cash cp_crossaint crasp cup

angel —Ladies & Gentlemen, I, -|F|- angel, am proud to present my 13th Team Fortress 2 cup.
It is going to be an 6v6 tournament with the current ETF2L S11 ruleset. Hopefully with the amazing cash prize €750 will be able to fill the 32 slots for this event.

The map pool includes the (reasonably) new map cp_crossiant (b16!) , created by Arnold, author of the ever popular cp_gullywash.

There is also a simple contest for all Angel’s Cup participants. Please vote in this ETF2L thread for best Cup Admin (Crasp or huhy) and he will get get €150 for his hard job. Please describe why you are voting for your admin of choice. Once again, many thanks to the cup admins for making this possible!

You can read the full rules and details after the break.

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Esports Heaven presents: The Velociraptor TF2 Challenge!


March 17th News
Tagged: 5v5 cup ESH KOTH unlocks

Crasp — Today we are glad to announce another Team Fortress 2 prize cup in association with Western Digital. They will be providing 5 of the newest SATA hard disks equipped with a 32MB cache and running at an amazing 10,000RPM. Not only will they be providing these unrivalled puppies, they will also be providing €250 for the winner!

For the Velociraptor Challenge we have decided to do something a little different. Read on to find out more!

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ESH Cup Grand Final – watch and win!


November 23rd Matches
Tagged: epsilon ESH relic

Trell — Ladies & Gentlemen (to quote  Byte himself), tonight is the Grand Final of the Esports Heaven Sapphire Challenge cup!  We will see BO3 action versus a team that seems consistently reliable during lan and cup games,  Epsilon Esports, and  Relic, who as time has progressed, have been looking better and better, with new recruit   Larsa improving amazingly well.

After a great game from both teams, we have the results of the competition: Kaze1, Trent, sami, Ceymoure and MightyMe all win a Humble Bundle Steam keycode.  Picture proof of the drawing:

Contact me on IRC to claim your prizes!

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The ESports Heaven Sapphire Challenge!


October 27th News
Tagged: ESH

Crasp — I’m happy to announce another TF2 Cup hosted by ESH, this time with a total prize pool of £500!

Tournament Details
Maximum teams: 64
Date: Tuesday 8th November – Sunday 20th November
Format: Single-elimination Cup
Admins: Crasp
Sponsors: Sapphire
Prizes: £300 for 1st, £150 for 2nd and £50 for 3rd
Rules: [link]
Sign up: [link]
IRC: #esportsheaven (on

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