ETF2L Season 15 Premiership Match RLM vs Skidmark Central


June 24th Announcement
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byte — Recovering from the amazing ESA tournament yesterday VanillaTV will be covering this mid-tabled game between Skidmark Central and RLM. Should be an exciting match for both teams, really requiring 6 points to stand a chance for that all important 4th spot. RLM have 4th spot guaranteed in their hands, if they beat Skidmark Central and then 90 Fov e-sports.

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ESA TF2 Open Cup #1 on VanillaTV – Sunday 23rd June


June 22nd Announcement
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beach — Sunday 23rd June (i.e. tomorrow!) sees the launch of the first TF2 Open Cup hosted by the Electronic Sports Association (ESA), as announced last week by CanFo in his article on VanillaTF2. Obviously as this is an exciting new venture for TF2, we want to cover as much of it as possible, so we will be bringing you a casting marathon throughout the day, featuring as many of the top games as we can possibly get our hands on!

Rules / setup

Map and round format
This tournament will be played in the same style as the rest of the world plays TF2 (yay Europe we’re different); that is, 5cp maps will be played in 2 halves of 30 minutes each, or until one team reaches a total of 5 capture points. If 5 caps are not reached, then the team with the highest number will win after the full hour. In the event of a tie, then a Golden Cap round with no timelimit will be played, and whoever takes the round will win the game, similarly to our own Golden Cap system, just without the 10 minute timelimit – so we could be in for some epic games! On King of the Hill maps, there will again be 2 halves, but this time with no timelimit. The first half will end after a team wins 3 rounds, after which the teams switch sides, and the overall winner is the first team to reach 4 total caps.

Each round will be played as a Best of 1; if you lose the map, you’re out! This will change once we hit the semi-finals, which will be played as a Best of 3.

Team rosters (a quick note from CanFo!)

Teams can only use players on their roster that also have correctly entered their Steam IDs (no mercs). Furthermore, CanFo can only approve signups of teams with at least 6 players who have a correctly entered Steam ID – so if you haven’t got this information entered into your ESA Profile, don’t forget to do it before tomorrow!

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