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July 26th Announcement
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KazZy — Hello TF2 community!

As you might already know, the frenchies run a successful TF2 league for a long time called TF2Connexion. And today we are proud to announce a new France/Germany partnership between TF2Connexion and ROCCAT, top manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals and accessories!

Cool story bro you say? Well, that’s not all! Following the glorious BYPCOMP Movie Competition ROCCAT and TF2Connexion launch a new TF2 Movie Contest!


This contest is open to all european citizens, moviemakers will have to make the best TF2-related video possible to win the prizes ROCCAT are offering!

Jury will be composed of community heroes  Pledge &  Bones,  Kustom3, the long haired shoutcaster  Remitche and the manager of the TF2Connexion Youtube Channel and moviemaker   JiPse.

You will be marked on the quality of frags, the music and the editing.

Prizes :

 1st : 50€ + ROCCAT Isku FX + ROCCAT Kone XTD
 2nd : 25€ + ROCCAT Lua

 Highest placed Frenchman : 25€ + ROCCAT Lua

The deadline for this competition is September 29th. Please see this thread for more information!

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Top 10 TF2 plays – April 2013


May 22nd Movies
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Lucky Luke — Surprise!? We’re finally back with a new edition Top 10 TF2 plays. With commentary by  eXtine, video by me and sound by  Airon.

Don’t forget to send your submissions for the next edition here!

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VanillaTV YouTube Update


February 21st Feature
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CUBE —  It’s been a while since I’ve written an update regarding the VanillaTV YouTube Channel, so here’s a news post to let you know what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got planned for the coming months.

Fragmovies of the Month

For any of you that haven’t seen, a couple of days ago we released a new series called VanlliaTV Fragmovies of the Month, which rates and reviews TF2 Fragmovies from the previous month and provides links to the full movies. The idea behind this is to help editors gain more exposure for their fragmovies and also to hopefully increase the quality of the fragmovies by giving new editors an idea as to what people look for in a fragmovie.

I want to give a massive thanks to  BoneS and  Skyride for helping me review the videos and since releasing the video, I have also been approached by decap and  FreezeR who will now be joining the panel to help rate and review in future months.

We’ve had some great feedback since releasing the video and will start thinking about which movies to review for February very soon, expect to see the February video around mid-March.

More updates after the jump…

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May 15th Movies
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Freezer said:

After 55 days of hard work i can proudly present REFUSION VOL. 2. movie (it took 35 days to gather all the footage and 20 days of editing). I had plenty of demos being sent but as i said i was looking for only sick stuff and that means i had to delete the demos that i didnt like or it just wasnt good enough to be in the movie. BUT BE PREPARED FOR A SPECIAL THING IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS!!

Also don’t expect to see an overedited movie with many overlays and other shizzle (yes, I had many ideas on how to make the movie nice and good but most of them just didn’t work out).

Anyway i hope you like it.

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This week in movies


May 9th Movies
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What madness is this?! You thought this died, didn’t you? Indeed, we’re back from a brief bout of hiatus to deliver some delicious new movies. So let’s put down those tea cups and take a whirl at these new movies. First up, Torden’s closet crush Sneis’s movie. The sequel to the Academy award winning movie – It’s nice. Presenting, It’s Nice 2: STILL NICE. Done by none other than the brilliant iQue.

After being delayed quite a bit mainly due to school work but also demos randomly deciding to crash, weird as fuck shadow bugs and sony vegas acting up, it’s finally here!

It’s Nice 2: STILL NICE -

More movies after the tiny jump.

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This week in movies


April 12th Movies
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Yes, this is quite late. Blame the PLDX secret merger and then me forgetting about this post. But after that, do check out the new movies below! Starting us up is the new masterpiece from sIN – featuring an amazing soundtrack and some fun, fun frags.

No Name 3 -

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This week in movies


March 6th Movies
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Couple of new movies have shown their faces recently, including a jump movie as well as brand new movie by the Torn Productions overlord – decap.

Let’s have a look see.

First up is actually the very latest movie that has hit interwebs. Edited and made by decap and featuring just some random players from all around the world – this movie pretty much has reinvented the traditional look that TF2 frag movies possess. Going all out on a TRON theme, the movie has dizzying amount of neon and flashy lights, with Daft Punk music to boot! It’s quite short but understandable as given the novelty nature of visuals, a long drawn out movie will be bothersome on the retinas than anything else. Still, good movie nonetheless.


The game has changed.

Movie by decap featuring some of the world’s best players.

Huge thanks to Akatsuki for making the original player skins, Bolty for the particle effects and Ravidge for hat removal items.

PLDX Stream

Click the nice button below to see more movies including a bonus video that guarantees that you’ll become a better player.

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