i46 – The Mega VOD Post – Yes we know it’s late!


October 30th i46
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Beta — So by now Multiplay’s i46 is a distant memory with everyone starting to think of Christmas already.

So back to business, with ABC Tuesday being postponed for tonight, I thought why not use my spare time to advertise some of the great work we have been doing.  OK – So we know it’s late, but thanks to the work of quite a few of the guys (I cant name them all), here is all of the Vanilla TV VODs from i46.

When I say all, this is all the ones we could find and get our hands on and now remember, late is better then never!

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Post-LAN Blues and The Future of EU TF2


September 2nd Gossip
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dunc — Historically the summer i-series events have been both brilliant and disastrous for European TF2. The hype toward each event builds up and builds up, then the event is inevitably amazing, then there’s nothing to look forward to for the rest of the year.

i46 was the biggest and greatest of all of these summer events and as such it begs the question “What will happen to EU TF2 now?”.

As usual, I’m framing this article from a Premiership perspective. Sorry D4!

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eXtravision #30


September 2nd News
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Lucky Luke — In this episode of eXtravision we’re mainly covering: i46 LAN Recap, ETF2L Season 13, Talking parrots & Saxxys.

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i46 – LANalysis


August 28th Commentary
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dunc — i46 has been a mind-blowing experience for all of us lucky enough to attend. We’ve seen some incredible plays, some unbelievable mistakes, some gutsy performances and some absolute non-attenders.

I guess those comments could describe most of the summer i-series events in TF2’s history, but this one was different. Saying that, only one thing really made it different – the Americans.

As long as EU and NA have had established competitive TF2 communities, there has been banter regarding the best scene and the best teams. Thanks to an immense, TF2-esque community effort we’ve finally managed to put a tournament together to put such questions to bed.

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Big thanks for the effort, bros


August 27th i46
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Torden — For an ambitious project, it’s always going to be easy to find the wrong bits, especially if you’re sitting at home well clear of the fog of war which is a lan event. Sure, it had its hickups, and sure there’s been elements in previous attempts which have been better. But on the whole, this has been the best covered TF2 event I’ve seen.

That’s not shabby, for a bunch of nerds mostly working from their own pockets, sacrificing their own enjoyment to bring the show to the masses.

So, to the VanillaTV crew at work (both on and off site), eXtv’s representatives, the SeanbudsTwitchTV,  Akasazh and of course the iOrganizers: Thank you.

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i46 – Day 3, the big ‘un


August 26th i46
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atmo — The third and final day of action at Insomnia 46 brings the culmination of the 6v6 tournament. With the American teams having already secured two of the top three placings, two remaining games will determine the final standings. Guaranteed at least second place are Classic Mixup, who have stomped through the tournament and into this evening’s Grand Final, beating compatriots Leviathan Gaming in the final of the Upper Bracket last night. Surviving tenaciously are Europe’s only hope, Epsilon eSports, who have claimed a spot in the Lower Bracket final against LG, a rematch of their game yesterday. 

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i46 – The stuff no one is writing about


August 26th i46
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ShoX — It seems that 60minutes before the consolation final = practically zero TF2 players at the event, which scuppers our plans for some early morning interviews so I thought instead I’d give a rather unceremonious roundup of events instead.


It’s safe to say that after Darn’s antics of crashing his PC not once, but twice during their game vs Mixup deflated the team completely and instantly. Anyone who sat with the team would have noticed the atmosphere almost instantly. From what started as a motivated and optimistic force to be reckoned with turned quickly into an embittered row of gamers all wishing to be put out of their misery moments after Darn smashed his keyboard into the desk.

My understanding is that Infused were to continue TF2 should i46 be a success, getting beat by Byte no matter how good his team is was always going to be a slap to the face to players like dunc and numlocked. Chance of folding [93%]

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