TF2 by the Numbers – Season 18 Review


August 5th News
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GentlemanJon — Before i46 there was a strange sense of malaise in European TF2. As usual a string of legendary players were threatening to quit the game forever, and complacency over the inevitable crushing of the American interlopers was rife. It ended with partial mix Euro teams more focused on getting pissed being wiped out by the highly motivated yanks and sowed the seeds of the reverse for i49.

Last time the North Americans were complacent sending only one team and were swept aside by the twin giants of European TF2, the ultra-professional Epsilon uber team and the band of brothers Broder. It was time for the NA team to make the excuses, it was the Quick Fix, Cyzer sucks, etc…

So what state is EU TF2 in this year? Epsilon, stripped of core members, have come out on top again but in far from convincing fashion that leaves more questions than answers. How big is the  fl1p-shaped hole in the AwS squad? Did Epsilon really improve or were AwS just weakened? Is there even a decent EU team this year? Was Darn! any good?

Baseless hyperbole along these lines doubtless follows.

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Epsilon – still Europe’s best hope? #i52tf2


July 28th Lan Coverage
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Hildreth — As the Summer i-series approaches, European hopes will be laid on the mighty shoulders of Epsilon once more as they attempt to retain their World Champion status versus the might of North America and Australia’s Team Immunity. Epsilon managed to see off Awsomniac on Thursday night in a two map win, they retained their ETF2L crown for the 6th season running. The history books will say it was business as usual for European TF2, the formidable giants of the scene dominated and won – AGAIN. But when you take a closer look at how the past few months have gone for Epsilon, it was their worst season in years.

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