Broder vs Illegal – cast tonight!


October 12th Matches
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Trell — ETF2l Season 10 continues tonight, with some fiery hot Division 1A action between the fine teams of  Broder and  Illegal.

With Broder holding joint second in the Division 1A table under the command of the legendary  Torden (I have to say that, since he vets all posts made with an iron fist), and a clean 2 wins out of 2 games played, this could shape up to be a tough game for the upstarts from Illegal.

I managed to grab a quote from Torden to summarise how he believes the match will play out for Broder:

Unless we screw up, we should win. Their biggest threat was zappis, and now he’s gone. But I’ll be as politically correct as to say we haven’t met them in several weeks.

 xzr is a master of IRC witticism and sharp comebacks, but how will he and his team fare against the well oiled machine of Broder?  Tune in to VanillaTV at 21:15 CEST to see the game unfold live – you can also catch us on Quakenet in #vanillatv.  See you there!

swo Broder Zebbosai, Jukebokks, Macisum, Fanva, Prozak, Torden


eNigma fi xzr, naMu, olliii, Ziit, Salmon, fluffy

ETF2L Season 10 - Division 1A - Week Two
  • Wednesday October 12th
  • 21:15 cest
  • 15:15 edt (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Broder (78%, 62 Votes)
  • Illegal (24%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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Movements: September 27th edition


September 27th News
Tagged: broder Illegal TCM

Torden — Perhaps the biggest change of late comes in the shape of a an FB/Tt fold, but I’ll take matters into my own hands for a more proper obituary later on. In the meantime, there are some immediate effects, who will take their prem spot and where will the remaining players go? -And so starts the latest news post of the type only I can be arsed with writing.

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Illegal has a Greek wedding and joins Team Refuse


September 3rd News
Tagged: Illegal refuse


Team Refuse is proud to announce their newest addition to the organization. This Team Fortress 2, formerly known as Illegal is an exceptional team and well respected in TF2 community.

They are currently competing in ETF2L’s AFS Season in Division 2A and will be take part also to the upcoming ESL Major Series Season VII.

Statement of Atte “xzar” Pellikka
It’s the Illegal boys here, and we’re bringing some great news. From this day onwards we’ll be carrying the name of Team Refuse, a fresh and rising organization from Greece. We are really looking forward to working with these lovely lads (no homo) and we are sure that we will be achieving great things under their tag. Also thanks to our lovely little Swedish hofven for hooking us up with Greece Airborner <3.


FinlandOlli “paavi” Kettunen
FinlandOlli “olliii” Hiltunen
FinlandAtte “xzar” Pellikka
FinlandHenry “fluffy” Rantanen
FinlandJanne “Ziit” Vaittinen
FinlandJustus “SEPPO” Hallila
FinlandMika “Night” Rautiainen

#Team-Refuse @

I wish the new Team Refuse TF2 team all the best!
Finland naMu

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ESH Sapphire Clash Tonight – Slick predicts


August 10th Feature
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Viaduct stvs (starting now)

  • broder vs epsilon:
  • The Last Resort vs. Team-Dignitas:
  • tcm-illegal:
  • cc-pwr:

As TF2 players are slowly losing their tan, the upsurge of tournaments online and offline have made their appearance. Tonight is the first set of games for ESH that will send the winners to the semi finals/finals on Sunday. So what can we expect tonight? Some upsets? Let’s take a closer look at the top seeders on their way to the quarter finals with my predictions along the way.

Predictions Bracket1 :

Round1 vs DSTM
Round2 vs -PoD-  : A game where the new russian team will have a chance to show what their made of. With kondor and Ice aka unic, this scout combo has caused havoc before in Empire. But can kondor still aim?

Round1 vs BiG
Round2 vs Rush :This is the game to watch, i expect an intense matchup but Rush might just manage to knock out the top seeders of this bracket which ends their journey. Source TV pls

TCM vs Rush : One of the less equal matching quaterfinals, and probably too early for Rush to shine…

Predictions Bracket2

Round1 vs DSTM
Round2 vs Squall : Allthough Loco’s team always deserves credit, I think this will be pretty straight forward for broder.

Round1 vs CdC
Round2 vs Eternity: The second new russian team to make an appearance, allthough not as strong as PoD. Too early to judge this team.

Epsilon vs broder : With 2 of the top snipers, jh and wltrs, this match will be a very intense one indeed. A question of the team who is better prepared or prepared at all?  Source TV pls.

Predictions Bracket 3

Round1 vs Vitae
Round2 vs PnL : Allthough PnL have a interesting lineup, PwR will be looking to confirm their domination, and thats on anyone along their path.

Round1 vs [DA]
Round2 vs cc//: An interesting game but an advantage for the k1ck team which should be able to qualify on.

pwr vs k1ck: I don’t see this being any different for PwR dominance, add to that after k1ck’s disapointing performance vs TLR,  this matchup just seems to lean one way. Source TV pls

Predictions Bracket 4

Round1 vs elem.v
Round2 vs px. : TLR should be able to easily capitilize on this matchup.

Round1 vs Bacon
Round2 vs MTF.px : Allthough this px² team did surprise Epsilon, I don’t see it happening a second time as Dignitas seem to have almost found their legendary form.


TLR vs dignitas : A hell of a match to look forward too. After TLR dominated Dignitas in ETF2L AFS, you can be sure that dunc will be looking to prove the contrary tonight. But did Dignitas prepare Viaduct? As you can count on TLR to be prepared, as star tactician marco loves to have his team tactically prepared for new maps. Outcome? Depends if Diggy did prepare….so i see TLR still standing when the dust settles… Source TV pls

Have fun tonight. Remember to keep the community updated with sourcetv.

Big thanks to Slick for his contribution

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Assembly Tonight!


August 5th Matches
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The first games of Assembly aren’t many hours away. While progamers TCM are somewhere onsight, [atleast] the Swedish contribution are still at rest…shaking off the alcohol of last night’s ventures.

While the Irish bank screwed Admirable’s chances of coverage, journalist Ulv keeping it strong, with some sturdy updates to his travel blog. Get over to OG and read it. Hopfully, he’ll upload some of the videoes of Sneis hunting women soon!

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Complexity vs Illegal video cast!


July 30th Movies
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 Honeymustard left us with this, enjoy:

Desperately wishing that myself and dearjohncarter were Extine, we bring to you a video cast of Complexity vs. Illegal!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We have not yet produced the second map, cp_gullywash, as we await further interest. Feedback is appreciated!

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Assembly: The plot thickens


June 30th News
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Details for the best thing happening to TF2 since TFC, the Summer Assembly LAN 2010. It goes a little something like this:

Assembly Summer 2010 Tournament organizer Peliliiga has announced official schedule and 5 confirmed teams for the huge Team Fortress 2 event at the Assembly Summer computer festival.

This event is biggest TF2 event since PC Gamer Showdown in UK at the early days of TF2. Currently the cream of TF2 is invited to the tournament and hopefully soon we will find out the rest of the teams.

MIPC has also been applied to the tournament currenty having a TF2 team in the finnish top 5. All times are finnish times. CEST +1

Thursday 5.8.2010 group stages:
17:00 A2-A3
18:15 A1-A4
19:30 A1-A3 (WCG Stage) & A2-A4
20:45 B1-B2 (Main Stage) & B3-B4
22:00 A1-A2 (Main Stage) & A3-A4
23:15 B2-B3 (WCG Stage) & B1-B4
00:30 B1-B3 (WCG Stage) & B2-B4

Friday 6.8.2010 semifinals&finals:
11:00 A1-B2 (WCG Stage)
14:00 B1-A3 (Main Stage)
17:00 Final (Main Stage)
20:00 Bronze (Steel Series Stage)

Currently confirmed and invited teams are …
Power Gaming
Team Dignitas


The lineups are mostly as expected. TCM are signed up with both  Springer and  Byte. Broder are signed up with  Berserker and  Maciusm, but are actually due to show up with  Appe instead.

With 5 and a half teams signed up, there are still 2/3 spots open. A whopping 4 000 euroes awaits the winner, while the runners up will get 1 500 and 750. Early signups will enjoy the benefit of  Sneis wingmanning you a Finnish broad. If you are looking into making a mix team, handsome guys from Rockit and TLR are reported to be interested in traveling. Give Aves a call and you won’t regret it!

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