Rough guide to Pixling TF2 LAN Party #2


November 1st Lan Coverage
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Galant — So our Pixling TF2 LAN Party #2 is starting early in the morning on Saturday. 11 teams will participate, 3 groups and single elimination play-offs for 4 teams are coming. Below I will describe how you can follow and watch this 3rd LAN event during 2013 year in Russia.

First of all, the saddest thing is that  sickless won’t play because of disease. This led to a quite expected  Rubikon’s rage-quit from  Last wg Standing (really dangerous name for a LAN-mix, yeah, wg?). Fortunately, former  LMS soldier empty joined LwS, and to fill up last spot the demoman  Unlimited from div2 Highlandet team  Large Piece of Beef was found. Mix of old good friends CTADO (fishy, Root, allig4t0r) was later completed with soldier…  Rubikon. You can get more information about other rosters from this previous post or just check all participants here on our site.

By the way, all the information about our tournament can be found on this classy event page (courtesy of  Vad). Here you will find groups and results, play-off brackets (will be up on Sunday later), and of course our approximate schedule with time, opponents, maps, results and logs (we will add them into that table, but else you can find all logs here). Please remember that our Moscow time in these timetables are CET+3 h.

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Pixling TF2 LAN Party #2 in Moscow


October 27th News
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Galant — It’s that time of the year again when we usually have our own community LAN in Moscow, Russia. Actually in 2012 we have had only one LAN in April, but during this year we already had tournament during OGIC event and our own Pixling LAN Party. Now Pixling LAN Party #2 is coming, on 2nd and 3rd of November.

10 teams have already signed up for this tournament. As always in this first post I will give you information about participating teams and mixes, and right before the LAN I will provide all info about stream, STVs, etc.

First of all, let’s start with the number one possible winner of this coming LAN –  Last wg Standing. After LMS folded the best russian medic  wg has gathered the mix of best LAN players. This line-up includes double winner on this year LANs –  sickless, as well as scout  FiRE. They both have won with Galant on OGIC, and won with D1egos on Pixling LAN Party. This time they will finish testing “Big Medic Threesome” (if you know what I mean), and without a doubt wg will provide excellent heal for the third championship.

Last wg Standing:

  •  sickless
  •  wg
  •  Rubikon
  •  lippy
  •  FiRE
  •  unHuman
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America VS Europe – a TF2 Documentary


August 9th Announcement
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Lucky Luke — It’s here! Watch it now on YouTube, or get the HFR 50FPS version on VHX.

A groundbreaking community fundraiser gathered the funds to send two 6-man teams from America to Europe to compete for a global title, for the first time. This documentary features interviews from players, shoutcasters and spectators, incredible in-game footage and an introduction to the basics of competitive TF2. Filmed by eXtv at the i46 LAN event in Telford, England.

Thanks to everyone that helped out!

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Crikey, mate!


May 22nd Announcement
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beach — Announced mere minutes ago to the ETF2L forums, the Australians/New Zealanders are coming to LAN. And similarly to our friends from America and Scandinavia, they need your help! Insomnia 49 is set to be the biggest LAN ever; with only 800 places left, the event is going to be packed full of people from from all different games and all different nationalities. This exciting announcement has just added an even greater depth to the competition for Team Fortress 2 in Telford this Summer. If we can raise the $5000 target required, it will truly be an international competition to see who is the best TF2 nation in the world.

Of course, if you donate there will be some reward: be it a Crack Clan mug, a signed scattergun from bybben or a mentoring session with one of HRG, all the teams going to efforts to raise funds for LAN want to motivate you to part with your hard-earned cash. This fundraiser is no different; depending on how much you donate, you will qualify for various perks and rewards courtesy of the Aus/NZ LAN squad (taken from the fundraising page):

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Pixling TF2 LAN in Moscow, day 2


May 11th Lan Coverage
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Galant — Today we are impatiently waiting for our playoff games. Last group stage matches in Group 3 will be finished in 1 hour and playoffs will begun! 7 teams, who have progessed from 3 groups, are next: A6, Pixling, LMS, HoverCrabs, We Don’t Care, duns, Versus. You can check the results from yesterday matches here. All logs from every match are loading automatically right here.

We hope that VTV can cast final games later, but at this moment – if you wish – you can watch russian stream on Pixling TV (casting by the most charismatic russian caster right now – Catman) or join STV relays: connect & connect

The winner of Pixling TF2 LAN Party will get bottle of Jägermeister, t-shirts, some money and of course golden cup!

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Pixling TF2 LAN Party in Moscow


May 8th Announcement
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Galant — Only two months ago we had the TF2 LAN in St.Petersburg at the OGIC3 exhibition. Eight teams have participated and ISIS once again took 1st place. Now our own community LAN is coming, this time – in Moscow, and 14 teams are already signed up!

Pixling TF2 LAN Party is organized by TF2 community members and simultaneously admins of – the “Russian version” of VanillaTF2. We have started this project some time ago in our attempt to revive russian TF2 competitve community. Let’s have a look at upcoming LAN and its participants.

We will start group stage early in the morning on Friday, 10th May. Three groups will play one by one and fourth group will play on Saturday, right before the playoff stage. We are planning to start plaoffs about 12 a.m. CET.

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OGIC3 LAN in St.Petersburg


March 15th Lan Coverage
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Galant — There is a computer games exhibition tomorrow in St.Petersburg, Russia – OGIC3, where a Team Fortress 2 tournament will be held. 8 russian teams will clash for some prizes (6 HDDs for 1st place, 6 keyboards for 2nd place) on 16th of March. Here are these teams:


  1. ISIS (Galant, sickless, oximagic, ShYr!k, lollapalooza, FiRE)
  2.  HoverCrabs (D1egos, mort, hamster, Quik, Redzzzz, Spicy)
  3.  EEHQ (fat0n, antoid, Xeryrg, Ocelot, Leti, CuTTer)
  4.  pixling (nogpyra, m9ta, Root, Rubikon, Psycho <3, nabique)
  5.  Circus (ART1cooL, mr._bob, Rinta, Yablonsky, headhunter, Dikker)
  6.  4Lan (Proffy, nyx, Banderos, Progsy, unical, ZyM)
  7.  TLEN (krol, swat, vk, Rengenius, allig4t0r, Raven)
  8.  duns ( bars, MayDay, haL, DmGod, maggot, LegioN)

You can follow the coverage of this event on this page with stream and chat. Also some photos and small posts will be on as well. We will start group stage at 7 a.m. CET, second group will start at 10:40 a.m. CET. We will try to keep you informed about the play-off stage here in comments.

The final of TF2 tournament will be on the main scene, and actually it is the 1st time for last five years when we have Team Fortress 2 LAN tournament in such big events like this OGIC exhibition.

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