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March 16th News
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nTraum — Having played around with my weenie gameservers lately, I’ve stumbled upon some interesting things you can do to make your gameserver suck a little less. Free fastdownload and two enojoyable plugins is what I want you to get introduced to in this post.

Free fastdownload for everybody!

Fastdownload in action

I agree with you, this title sounds like a scam at first glance, but it really isn’t. You probably already knew that the lovely guys from have their site where you can directly download tf2 maps from (check out the menu on the right side). What you probably didn’t know is that you can use the exact same site to provide fastdownload on your gameserver. Adding this line to your server config is all you have to do:

sv_downloadurl ""


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My Gaming Edge Closing Its Doors


December 8th News
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Fog — It’s a sad day for the Team Fortress 2 community, with My Gaming Edge closing it’s doors after a year and a half online.

For those who were unaware of My Gaming Edge, MGE was a TF2 website created by CB, which brought content for those players who wanted to gain an edge and learn from the pros. My Gaming Edge also provided livestreams of ESEA matches and recently completed it’s first (and now only) MGE Cup, an off season tournament which pitted the best teams against eachother with the Open Bracket and the Invite Bracket. As of late, there has been less content coming from MGE, with CB stating in his statement that “it has become much more difficult in the recent months to get our pros to make videos in a timely manner and I hate to continue to push them to provide content when they simply no longer want to”.

The current ESEA-I Weekly Edge videos produced by My Gaming Edge will continue for the rest of the season, and ALL videos will be free to view for the next two weeks. The full statement is after the jump.

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MGE Cup Final Tonight! 4am CET


November 18th News
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CommanderX – Quantic v Mixup in the final of the MGE Cup, 4am CET tonight! I’m going to be lazy so read what MGE wrote here and see below for predictions and info

us Quantic b4nny, cyzer (cyz my guys), mackey, CB, tyrone, clockwork

Classic Mixup

Classic Mixup us mo0se, enigma, relic, Platinum, harbleu, Tyler "TLR" Morgan

No League MGE CUP Invite Finals
  • Friday November 18th
  • 05:00 cet
  • 23:00 est (na)
  • 15:00 est (aus)
  • No source tv information available

Who will win this match?

  • Classic Mixup (100%, 4 Votes)
  • Quantic (75%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 4

Loading ... Loading ...

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TF2 Weekly Edge


November 8th News
Tagged: ESEA MGE podcast

CommanderX — There was demand for more content about the TF2 happenings across the pond and more content arrives courtesy of  ESEA and MGE.

Craig “Torbull” Levine – As part of our growing focus on high quality multimedia across all ESEA games, we’ve teamed up with My Gaming Edge to bring you the first installment of the Weekly Edge. The segment talks about the weekly happenings of the ESEA invite teams / players and the entire TF2 community. Check it out, let us know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for a growing library of regular video content here on ESEA News!

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Commentary: DM & MGE


October 28th Commentary
Tagged: commentary MGE rant

Torden — After a random guy making a random request on the ETF2L, we got left with a brand spanking new contribution of random stuff. It’s been a good while since last time we received a rant, leave us a message of what you think of it.

Unicorn Bob — DM servers and MGE mod are fine tools to work on honing your aim and movement. Doing them regularly has a noticable effect on both of them. It’s just a shame most of the people playing both are utter cunts who look only at their stats – be that the skill rating on MGE or killhunting to improve their K/D on DM.

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ESEA LAN playoffs starting!


September 24th Lan Coverage
Tagged: ESEA eXtv LAN MGE

Martn — Just a quick reminder, our  American brothers across the pond are about to kick off with one off the most eXciting LAN playoffs ever.  The first game to be played will be  Area 51 vs  Prophets ft Dashner (ex-eMg).

The second game that is going to be played is The Experiment vs Classic Mixup. Starting at 8pm CEST, this one is being casted on the official ESEA stream, with eXtine as main caster.

Update: Both games have finished, will update when new games go live. (If I’m not asleep).
Update: mixup vs 51 right now!

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ESEA: CheckSix vs Spacewhales Tonight!


July 6th News
Tagged: checksix ESEA MGE spacewhales

CommanderX – ESEA is in full gear in America town with more action coming from the MyGamingEdge casting team. The new look CheckSix take on Spacewhales. Both teams are 1-1 so far with a long season ahead and a lot more to prove still. This cast will also see the premier of MGE taking a leaf out of VanillaTV’s book and introducing team comm’s to their cast. The match starts at 5.00 CET and the pre-game show will start the normal 15mins before hand. So tune in if you’re still up or catch the VODs afterwards on the MGE

More details can be found here

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